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Ok first, the past few days have been crazy and I feel out of the blog world! I haven’t gotten a chance to post anything or read any of my fav blogs in a few days. Just a day or two more and I should have more free time.
Here’s what’s really on my mind…
Should I do a triathlon? Remember the bachelor? He does triathlons, hasn’t though in two years but is running one end of August up in Maine. We exchanged brief messages about if it’s even possible for me to do one. (Sprint distance – 750 m swim, 20 km bike, 5 km run) Now this would take A LOT of a work, time, commitment, and even money. BUT, I have been looking for something to distract me (and even just thinking about it the past 3 days has distracted me more than anything else has in weeks months. For the first time my daydreams or thoughts didn’t immediately go to B – and they have been going to B way more than I want or need them to), they went to visions of me crossing that finish line (and likely vomiting) but crossing the finish line none the less.
Now I may be somewhat impulsive with adventure activities, but, I still have my rational side. I think I need to sit down, put the training into a spreadsheet to make sure I have enough time and commitment to do this, figure out the cost associated (umm… I need a bike), and then decide.
It’s really exciting to think about.
What better way to focus on me then by exercising and feeling great and working towards a goal that’s all about me. Plus this would be a great goal for my wheel of balance.
I mean, there’s no good reason not to other than I’m terrified. Ahhh I don’t know… should I do it?

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