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Yesterday morning I ran the Marine Corps 5k. Let’s get the disappointment part out of the way. I didn’t make my time. In fact it was one of my slowest 5k times – mainly because I have such a bad head cold. So I ran 9:42 second miles – just over 30 minutes in the end. Boo.

BUT, I still ran it. Even not being able to breathe out of my nose and with an annoying cough – I ran that race.

And it was totally worth it. What a charged atmosphere! So many marines and their families – the cause just felt amazing. Seeing them run in packs supporting each other and then seeing the marine in perfect shape running slowly next to this 80 year-old man – it was amazing. And it was pouring rain. Not just drizzling but monsoon rains and winds and yet everyone kept running. What an amazing race.

Now I’m down with my Mom and sisters to celebrate Mother’s Day. We’re taking her for a nice brunch at a hotel in her area. It’s so rare to get all three of us girls together with my Mom at the same time so it’s going to be wonderful.

I’ve been thinking about B. I had these frustrating thoughts last night. Sometimes I just wish I’d meet someone so I could move on so that I wouldn’t feel stuck but the scary thing was the feeling that if I do meet someone – it automatically changes our relationship and he’ll pull back and it’s sad to think about really. Sometimes it’s just exhausting to think about. Somehow it’s even more exhausting with a head cold.

Heard from the Bachelor. He’s so random. I’m not sure I understand him. He pushed pretty hard for me to do this triathlon, even creating a spreadsheet of my expenses. Now I find out why after I signed up he went MIA. He’s out in the Midwest for his Godson’s baptism. He sent a text last night asking how my weekend was going. This whole thing could be great or it could turn tricky. I just want to be friends with him. There’s something about him that I know I won’t connect with him (is it the bachelor qualities? the football player attitude/look?) Whatever it is, I just would love if we could train and keep this casual and it not get messy at all. He just sent another text asking to get together to eat on Tuesday.

It leads me more and more to believe that you meet people for a reason. If I hadn’t met the Bachelor, I would have never ever considered a triathlon. I just wouldn’t have. I don’t have a bike or easy access to a pool but something changed when he described them. Makes me wonder if the gym boy I kept seeing everywhere has a role in my life…

Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms!  🙂

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