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What a day yesterday was.

After work I decided to just go for a quick run so I could get to the girl’s place earlier to hang out since J and A had been off and hanging out since 2pm. I was a bit sad because G at last minute texted me that she wouldn’t be around because she had been called to babysit due to an “emergency”.

I got to their place and walked up the stairs and the door cracked open and there was my friend A. She goes, “Put this on!” Being completely confused I peak in through the door and see two lines of streamers leading into the living room. I look down at my hands and notice a cap and gown.

They set up a mock graduation for me. The girls were inside the apt with cameras in hand, they had me put on a cap and gown, they had graduation music playing – and took pictures and cheered as I walked through the lined up streamers. They had me sit down, A gave a speech and handed me my “diploma” (signed by Spencer Reid). I couldn’t stop laughing, smiling, and crying. I just felt so special.

They made an amazing dinner of spaghetti and meatballs and chocolate lava cake and key lime pie for dessert.

Today my cup still runneth over.

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