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I officially love indoor rock climbing. I took a 3 hour intro lesson with my friend K this morning and it rocked! (The pun was not intended I swear.)
I was a little nervous at first (and not about falling at all, flashbacks of gym class in elementary school where I couldn’t get up past the second knot on the rope kept replaying in my mind.) They started us off on what was probably an easy wall and the teacher had each of us climb. I got to the top fairly easily — I mean it took some leg work but the notches were easy enough that I got up there. (I was shaking beforehand thinking I wouldn’t get up top.) It felt amazing! Confidence booster my friends!
Then we moved to another wall where we switched on and off to belay or be the climber. I got to the top of that wall too! (I was however going fairly fast and slipped at one point – not scary at all!) Then we moved again and I tried out two different walls. My third wall had a ledge that was extremely difficult for me to get up over. I was sweating, my arms started aching and mentally I just didn’t think I could do it. The teacher kept yelling that I had to do it and I finally (it felt like forever) got over that ledge. I really didn’t think I could – but I did it! And I climbed one more wall before ending the day.
The adrenaline is amazing. I feel elated but my body feels calm and strong. (My arm tendons are a bit sore though.) What a great experience!
So B was originally really excited for me to go with him. I texted him to let him know I loved it, and we traded texts about how he can’t wait to go climbing with me, and he really looks forward to it. At least we have activities we can do together. I guess I need to learn how to enjoy it for now if I’m not willing to let him go from my life.
Alright my forearms are aching to be done typing and it’s a beautiful day and I’m off to meet my friend S to do a little walking around and shopping. I need to find a bathing suit to start swimming laps! 

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