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My Grandmother, my Mom’s Mom, made holiday cookies every year. Hundreds of intensely detailed and decorated Christmas cookies. When my Grandmother passed away a few years ago, my Mom and Aunt took on the tradition. Originally all of us “kids” tried to help out. We quickly realized it was like a Martha Stewart combined with Hitler affair and suddenly weren’t able to attend “cookie weekend”.

However, every year a few weeks before going back home for Christmas, a package arrives. Now I just get to reap the benefits of cookie weekend. Thank you familia!

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Gimme gimme gimme…

A quiet bike trainer I can ride in my fourth floor apartment

A new wardrobe that makes me feel put together and classy

A weekly hobby that I can lose (and therefore find) myself

A goal that I can focus on and feel motivated by

A resurgence of motivation and satisfaction with my job

A boyfriend…yup I said it. I want to find a guy that I enjoy spending time with, talking to and yeah well….

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