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As somewhat of a type-A person I have a really bad procrastination habit.

For example, when I was finishing grad school a few months ago I would leave papers until the last-minute. Literally until the last-minute. I would be up at 4am just starting a 12 page paper in hopes of getting it done before my 7am shower time for work and then my 5pm run time to get to class.

The funny thing is I would stress about it for the entire week prior. In the back of my mind it would be there, nagging me. And yet I’d do anything to put it off. I’d clean my apartment, watch endless tv, take short naps, call my Grandmother who can’t hear, I mean really just about anything. But during every one of those activities my stress level would rise and rise about the impending paper deadline.

Yet it was a repeated habit. It happened with every final paper and project.

And lately it’s happening elsewhere.

At work I got a couple of huge and difficult new projects. In my mind I’m finding ways to put them off or focus elsewhere. Yet I was becoming so stressed about them that I’m having nightmares and I’m thinking about them all the time. I swear I found my first grey hair two nights ago.

The real issue is that I’m uncomfortable with these new projects. I’m not sure I know how to do them so rather than face that, I’ve been ignoring them and completely procrastinating. But that does no one good, especially myself.

So today I bit the bullet. I got two of these projects worked on, one of which is almost complete. And you know what? It’s not perfect, but I feel like 6,000 pounds has been lifted off my shoulders.

Seriously it’s time I learned my lesson. Sometimes you just need to get it done.

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