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The Power of Bob Marley

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Without going too much into detail, today was my first volunteer lunch with my assigned little 1st grade boy. I spent 40 minutes getting to know, reading him two books and doing a couple of “literacy” activities.

It was awesome.

I’m so glad I signed up for this. I was totally  nervous at first but the reality is, he was excited to be there, (a tad shy), but I just have to go with it. Some days he may want to read, some day he may be chatty, some days he might not like me. Whatever the case, it feels really nice to take a break in my day, and do something good. I’m rarely around kids and I don’t get to use my traditional “librarian skills” on a daily basis so I think it’s going  to be great. And one lunch every other week is so easy to fit into my work schedule.

It definitely put a positive spin on my day! 🙂

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Workout buddy

Monday night I really changed up my workout routine.

I had a half hour of boxing, which felt great, and then my friend A met me after. About a year ago she tore her ACL and she had to do a full year of physical therapy. She learned quite a few strength training tricks and we decided to use them.

We first started by putting our treadmills at a 11% incline and a 2.0mph speed. Then we turned and walked backwards. We did 1 minute walking backwards and then 30 seconds squatting while walking backwards (no hands!). We may have looked silly but my legs were BURNING.

After 20 minutes we grabbed bocce balls and medicine balls. Balancing on one leg on the half bocce ball (squishy side up) we tossed the medicine ball back and forth.

Then (squish side down) we balanced on the half bocce ball and tossed a medicine ball while doing squats.

We ended with a long stretch (I rarely stretch and it was clearly needed).

I went home Monday night feeling fantastic after the 1.5 hour workout! It’s funny I’m so used to thinking of the gym as my own workout time but having a workout buddy can be really fun. We’re planning on a repeat on Thursday night.

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