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My grandfather, a huge cards player, always says, “Play the hand you’re dealt.”

I love that saying. You can complain all you want and you can spend hours saying “why me?” but that’s not going to change anything. Instead, play what you’ve got and see what happens. Do the best you can do with what you have.

So last night I read my own tarot cards. On occasion I read tarot cards. I know, sounds hokey, but my Dad (and his 3 sisters) all believe they have psychic powers. My Dad’s “visions” come in his dreams. My one Aunt does readings for her side job and makes far more money doing that than her by day teaching job.

Anyway, a couple of years ago I was given a set of tarot cards and every once in a while I pull them out.

I blended the cards last night and laid them out before me and blindly selected 3 cards to be my Foundation, what is either the foundation of my life at that moment or what will be the basis for the reading.

I selected “The Blues”, “Sadness” and “Travel”. Could it be more fitting? The Blues are a deep state of emotion, sadness is sadness at the end of something (be it a relationship or business) and travel is just that, travel. Between B and my upcoming Patagonia trip I couldn’t have selected better cards.

I blended and selected 3 cards to fall into my Current Situation, or what is going on in my life right now and what I’m focusing on. I selected Friendship, Powerful Woman (“a fully evolved woman”) and Money. That’s about right – my friendships in the past few months have strengthened more than I could have ever known possible and I’m hoping that Powerful Woman and Money is myself evolving and growing, and the money is a result of my current job.

At the end of the reading I wanted to ask one more question. The question I usually avoid because I’m scared of the answer. But last night something clicked with the whole, “Play the hand you’re dealt” idea. I need to start delving into my passions, my current life and goals and see where it takes me. So I decided to ask.

Will I find love again?

I blended and asked myself the question over and over while picturing what it would be like to be in a loving, supporting relationship again. I split the deck into three and flipped the top card on each.

Marriage, Love and a Powerful Man stared right back at me.

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