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Counting sheep

You know what’s frustrating? When your body feels tired, your mind is tired, and all you want to do is crawl into bed and snuggle under your covers and fall asleep.

But then you get under your covers and you’re hot. And you just can’t get comfortable. And that frigid 5k you ran this morning is causing your legs to cramp up a bit. And that fried chicken sandwich you ate at Cheesecake Factory for dinner is sitting heavy in your stomach and has caused a slight headache.

And you toss and turn and tell yourself, “Okay if I fall asleep now, I’ll get 7 hours asleep”…”Oookay, if I fall asleep now I’ll get 6 hours of sleep”…

That’s what’s happening tonight. At 8pm I felt exhausted. I was so excited to call it an early night since this week is going to be beyond tough at work (jealous of all those quiet places) and when I got into bed at 9pm the ability to sleep quickly disappeared.

Instead of sleep, I’m now writing lists in my head.

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So last night I had plans of ending the night early after only one beer and getting a solid 7+ hours of sleep for my run this morning.

5 hours of beers, mac & cheese, onion rings, a shot bought by the DJ, and ohhh the dancing, meant not getting into bed until after 1am. It also meant waking up in an overloaded fried food dehydrated coma.

Black & Blue = Pre-race fuel

But I got dressed, met my friends and blasted Dirty Bit to get myself running in that race.

The race outfit

My goal was under 10 minute miles (slower than previous pr’s but I haven’t truly run since my 10k back in October). And I did it! I didn’t stop once, not even when my nose was running like a faucet (umm below 20 degrees = COLD), or when 3,000+ crowd caused a major red & green clusterf*ck or when everyone stopped a solid 25 feet BEFORE the finish line because it was so backed up. I ended up with just over 9 1/2 minute miles, woohoo! 

However, because it’s just the way the world works, while walking after the finish line I caught eyes with B’s friend BB. I waved at BB and made very brief eye contact with B before turning back to my race friend. Did it feel rude and upsetting? Sure. But I am not one to pretend. I’m not going to go over and talk with them like everything is peachy. If B wants to talk, or cares about our friendship, at this point it’s up to him. I’m not putting it on myself anymore.

So I’m going to focus on the positive outcome of the race 🙂

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