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I woke up last night at 3am after a ridiculous nightmare (it included 50 cent and him trying to kidnap me). When I was wide awake I started getting anxiety about work. I haven’t had anxiety like this in a long time. The heart pounding, racing irrational thoughts kind. And it just wouldn’t stop. For two hours I tossed and turned trying to shut my brain off. And I couldn’t even pin point entirely why I was feeling the anxiety – a combination at the discomfort I have with a meeting today, the irritation at the players involved and the impending punching bag that I’ll be during the meeting, or maybe that I’m just not sure I’m enjoying what I do anymore.


What happens when you work in a field for 4 years and get your master’s in that related field, and then you realize — what if this isn’t right for me? Is it too late?

But what’s worse, what if you truly don’t know what it is that you do want to do?

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