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We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell

I really need to be productive today…but…I can’t help getting into the Christmas spirit!

All I want to do is drink hot coffee, read my favorite food blogs, and then get myself packed and home to NY with my family!

I mention goals a lot on this blog. I’m very goal oriented. I think I actually love working towards a goal more than the end result if that makes sense.

Anyway, since the year is coming to an end that means it’s GOAL TIME!

I have a ton of large goals in mind but I know I really need to write them out more specifically to be able to achieve them.

I’m excited about the upcoming year. I’m ready to make it MY year – a year of health and happiness.

Time for another cup of coffee and maybe time to start thinking of some goals! 🙂

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A new crush

Okay so he isn’t truly a real crush considering he’s a semi-celeb. But we’re now friends on Facebook (along with him having 1100 other friends) but hey, celeb crushes are fun too. And there’s something about this boy that I find so attractive.

Dan Walsh

It doesn’t weird me out that he looks very similar (ok almost identical) to B and happens to be sober too. Not weird at all…

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