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Okay so this post may be a jumble but that’s what my brain is like now anyway!

First, it snowed buckets today, literally. There’s about 25+ inches where I am in New York and that made commuting into my NYC office impossible. I had a rather stressful day working from my Mom’s home. The anxiety is finally fading a bit and that’s all helped by my to do list.

Never underestimate the to do list. At about 1pm this afternoon I almost felt like I was having an anxiety attack. I just had too much to even imagine doing before being out of the office for almost two weeks and travelling all over South America.

Just writing out my to do’s helped. It eased me to see everything I needed to do and realize it wasn’t 1,000 large things – it was about 20 small things that I slowly have crossed off my life. I have two remaining work things to do, and 1 personal, and then I’m done for the night.

And tomorrow I will be leaving for my South America journey. A few big things on my mind that I’ll be thinking about while I’m away:

1. Physically I don’t feel great. I’ve been eating sugar up the wazoo and sure the scale is up 6lbs but the worst part is that I feel it.  However, I’ll be hiking or biking daily on this trip so I plan on kicking my exercise appetite right back into gear!

2. Work.  I just don’t know what I want. But I need to start thinking about it and not just letting day by day go by.

3. B. Well in this case, I won’t be thinking about him. We haven’t talked – not a text, email, call, (well we glanced a each other at the 5k) etc in 11 days. I won’t have any access to phone/email while I’m away so in a few days it will mark the longest we have ever gone not speaking in 3.5 years. But that is OK. I feel OK about it. When I return I have to give him back his gear and my heart and head tells me that this break was meant to happen.

4. What are my year’s goals? Fitness? Relationships? Work? Hobbies? Challenges for myself?

And of course, I’ll be letting myself relax and enjoy this insane trip!!!

Happy & Safe new year to all, I’ll be posting many pictures, updates and hopefully some epiphany moments when I get back 🙂

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