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Got Milk?

Every school morning during elementary and middle school my Mom would wake me up and my babysitter would make me breakfast. I’d come downstairs and eat cereal, eggs, french toast or something really yummy that she had prepared.

But then came the dreaded part. I was forced to drink a glass of milk and eat a Flintstones vitamin.

I don’t know why but as a kid I hated this. I dreaded having to choke down that milk (it made me gag) and I wanted no part in eating that vitamin. (OK I know, those vitamins taste like candy, I’d eat a handful today!)

I hated that part of the morning so much that by 2nd grade, I devised a plan.

When my babysitter would go into the kitchen to clean I would quickly toss the vitamin behind the living room tv entertainment center (a 4 foot long heavy wooden set-up that I knew was rarely moved) and then I’d run into the bathroom and pour my milk into the toilet.

By the time my babysitter came back, I’d be sitting quietly pretending to finish my milk. I thought I was so smart.

However, in 5th grade my parents got divorced. In the divorce, my Dad wanted to take the entertainment center and my Mom gladly gave it to him.

And that’s when they found my flintstone vitamin graveyard. Hundreds of dusty little Flintstones lined the floor.

I confessed to my secret morning plan, and truthfully, they just had to laugh. I mean it was pretty genius. 🙂

My hatred of milk continued through college and really until recently the idea of having a glass of milk grossed me out. (This doesn’t count cereal because I could eat endless boxes of cereal.)

Yet in the past few weeks, all the sudden, I’m frequently craving milk (and even more so, chocolate milk).

After my 5 mile run on Sunday, I chugged down the yummiest chocolate milk that they were giving away. It was exactly what my body was craving.  This past week, after boxing on Wednesday, the only thing I wanted was cereal, and truthfully I wanted it for the milk!

It’s such a strange change in taste considering my years of being anti-milk but I guess I’ll just go with it for now. I’ve heard that too much dairy is bad for you but I figure I’m sticking to skim milk only and the protein can’t hurt.

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The Townie and I have only been together for about 3 months. To be honest, it became too serious and too much, too fast. Rather than continuing to date and get to know each other, we were spending night after night together and focusing so much on future activities, that we weren’t living in the present.

For the past few days we weren’t quite right. I was feeling overwhelmed and he was feeling me pull away. Finally after a conversation last night, it seems like we’re both back on the same page. We’re going to get back to having fun and enjoying time with each other without it being so serious. This early on, it shouldn’t be about quantity, it should be about quality.

This weekend we’re headed for a mini getaway. We’re spending tonight through Sunday morning at a cape house that we scored for an awesome pre-season price. My hope is that it’ll be a relaxing weekend full of yummy food, beautiful weather, mini-golf, reading and just enjoying time away with each other.

*photo courtesy of weheartit.com

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