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One of my biggest pain points for tri training is swimming. And it’s not the actual swimming part that’s the issue. I actually love the feeling of getting into the pool and zoning out, doing laps in the cool water. [I say this even though I haven’t swam since my last tri…yeah that was August 2010.]

But I very much dislike swimming trying to swim at my gym. 3 tiny lanes are always overcrowded – no matter what hours I try to go. People immediately try to cram 3 swimmers into one lane which is fine except when you’re forced to go faster or slower than your body is telling you to because someone is wacking their hands down on your feet or your face is colliding into someone’s feet.

But today’s Groupon made me HAPPY.

25 visits to any local YMCA that I choose for $25. I jumped on that deal. With designated lap and open lanes and an actual olympic size pool with hours from 7am to 9:45pm I have no excuse but to get my swim in.

Ha, I wish this was where I was swimming.

Anyway, it’s actually easier to go later at night with my schedule and I can easily drive and park there to do so. Now it’s time to squeeze myself back into the oh-so-flattering full piece…

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The electrical wiring in my 4th floor apartment is old. If I try to run the hairdryer at the same time as the microwave, the power shuts off. And when the power shuts off, I have to run four flights down, and one long hallway over, to a dark dingy basement to flip the power back on.

Do you know where I’m going with this?

Yeah, an air conditioner won’t actually work in my apartment. It’s been 90+ degrees in Boston this week. Do you know what that makes it inside my apartment? 104 degrees. 😦

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