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I don’t know why but I’ve been sleeping really poorly lately, especially on Wednesday nights. Maybe it’s the combination of work stress and mid-week stress but the racing thoughts and half awake/half dreaming state is so frustrating.

I thought last night I’d sleep really well after hitting up a spin class. My teacher was hilarious, in fact at one point as a class we “freed Willy” together by biking a steep hill with the whale on our back to a Michael Jackson song. Ridiculous? Maybe, but we all pushed hard.

I got into bed around 11 but since I was completely awake, I read until around 12:30am. Finally I closed the book hoping I’d pass out but the insomnia kicked in full force.

So when I did semi-fall asleep around 4:30am and my alarm went off shortly after at 5:55am, I wanted to cry.

And shout. And whine. And throw the stupid thing across the room, snuggle under my covers and sleep the day away.

This isn’t a new feeling, it’s become my Thursday morning special.

But I had to get up to meet my trainer. 6:30am on Thursday mornings is spent doing strength training.

Every single time I finish with him, I realize that my crappy mood, my negative thought toward the day, my anxiety – all of it – is gone.  Just for that, he’s worth every single penny.

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