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Last year I read Danielle’s “I…” post  and loved the idea of it. I immediately copied it and made my own “I post”

When I came across her version again this year, I knew I wanted to do it again too. The best part was that I wrote out my answers and then compared last year to this years. What a difference.

I am… so excited about my vacation with a few girlfriends next week

I want…a house, or better yet just more space than my tiny HOT studio apartment

I have… a sugar coma from eating 3 donuts today

I wish… I would be at my happy weight

I know…that I can have everything I want but I need to stop rushing to get it

I hate…when people talk really slowly. Sorry, I just want to bang my head against the wall while waiting for your sentence to be finished

I hear…people typing.

I crave… a few days at the beach, with a good book, and a good night’s sleep after getting a tan

I search…for future trips with the Townie

I always…drink at least 68 ounces of water a day

I usually…have to tell myself to “keep calm and carry on” at least once a day

I miss… my friendship with B, carefree highschool days, and seeing my girlfriends almost every day

I love… Pretty Little Liars

I never…thought I’d be planning the Townie & my engagement scenario in my head…

I rarely…wash my dishes, do my laundry and take out the trash after the first time that I say I need to

I cry… when I see other people’s feelings getting hurt.

I lose…patience when people bring drama into their lives

I should…save more money, clean my apartment and eat healthier

I worry…about my life choices and if they are what will make me the happiest

I dream…too vividly and end up mad at people because of what they did in my dreams

I was…heartbroken the last time I took this survey

I need… to catch up on all my dvr’ed shows

I can…not even imagine what the future is going to bring 🙂

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