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And then there were two

I can’t wait to meet you.

I can already picture these moments in my head.

You swaddled in my arms as Brooklyn comes in to meet you for the first time.

You sleeping in a rock and play sweetly as I play with your sister.

And even the “not so pretty” moments – the sleepless nights and days where you won’t stop crying while your sister has another meltdown because that’s what toddlers do. But to me, it’s still a perfect moment because you’re both there.

The first year of your sister’s life I could not picture having more children. I love her so much it consumes my heart and truthfully at time scares me.

Then little by little I felt the pull. We didn’t feel complete. Someone was missing.

And now I get it already – my love for you doesn’t take an ounce of love away from her. Somehow my heart has doubled, maybe even tripled because I just keep loving you both more and more.

I can’t wait to meet you.

Will you have a personality like your sister? Strong willed and intense? She arrived 23 days early and now I fully understand why. Or will you be totally different? Either way, you will be “you” and that’s all that matters.

Stay cozy for now baby. I can’t wait to meet you in June.

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