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I’m having an off day.

A 7am hour-long strength training session that left me feeling defeated; a crazy naked locker room lady that took every inch of my personal space the entire time I got ready (must you walk behind me when I need to bend over and put on underwear?); a sleeve covered in coffee; an itchy-must-clear-my-throat turning to a cold feeling; an iPhone that’s already at 20% battery and a forgotten at home charger; and a soup that cost $3 and tastes like dirty turnip water.

Yeah it’s all silly little things but today they add up. I could look at the positive, like the fact that the addition of pickles on my turkey wrap was the most delicious thing ever and they will always be included going forward on sandwiches. Or that after work today I can go straight home to my couch since I did 4 loads of laundry last night, loaded and then unloaded the dishwasher, changed the sheets, and already got my workout in today.

But once in a while when I feel like this I kind of want to just wallow in it and I think that’s OK. My plan is to turn up this song in my office and bob my head (glass office version of dancing), and ignore the little things until I can get home.

And tomorrow I will wake up in better spirits. If not, I’ll be going for a long run. 🙂

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Sometimes you just have a bad day. While there are a lot of positives I can focus on today sometimes you have to just accept that it was a bad day and tomorrow will be better.

My day started with a very long and very frustrating meeting. I have done my job for over 3 years and I work pretty hard. I’ve had long days and long nights of graduate school to be even better at my job. I have been promoted twice in the few years. I always try to be extremely accommodating to all of those I work with.

But today was different. There’s a woman at work who is just miserable to me. Out of defense, insecurity, or just disliking me – whatever it is – her behavior is absurd. Today in a meeting she kept referencing me in front of others as “poor Caitlin”. She was referring to me as that because  before my boss came into the meeting (late) she and her manager had been airing their gripes about my team to me. I can hold my own. Don’t call me poor anything.

Minutes later as she is explaining something she says, “J, it would be helpful to see this, or do this, and you [she looks at me and waves her hand] whatever your name is, can help with this.”

She had just said my name prior. She was sitting right next to me.

She was trying to make me feel disposable.

I was livid. Flustered. Appalled. We’re in a large professional law firm. We’re practically teammates in the same department. She is not my boss. She is not even close to my boss. Who does she think she is?

Never have I had a Partner or an Associate even talk to me like that let alone an informational professional. Never would that woman imagine to talk to me like that with our Director or COO present. It’s absolutely unprofessional. And childish. And no where near the first time it’s happened. That cow.

Anyway, after lots of thinking and cooling down I decided my amazing mother helped me formulate my action plan. I’ll be mentioning to my boss (who witnessed some of this anyway) that I felt it was really inappropriate the way the cow treated me and that if it happens again I plan on asking the cow to talk after with just me.

The cow and I will have a nice conversation. I will say, we have a large project that is going to span the next 6 months and will be working together often. We both have the same goals at the end of the day. I am willing to put 100% into this project. However, I find it very inappropriate and belittling when you say blank blank blank to me. I’d appreciate you treat me the same way you would any other team member.

My mother mentioned that people like that will usually continue until confronted because they know they can. And if that doesn’t work then I’ll really ask my boss to step in.

I’m trying so very hard to keep a cool head about this. To be the bigger person. To know that karma will take care of it all.

But it sure is difficult…Cow.


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