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I think I have tried to write like 10 times in the past few weeks.

The last two weekends have been packed – all with wonderful things. A girl’s day/night of truffle making, dinner and sleep-over, dinner with the in-laws, a beach day in Maine, dinner with husband, my bestie, and her husband, a pool day at a friend’s, including their 3 year old and almost 1 year old who were the sweetest little girls ever, and a serious cleaning and grocery shopping day. I just feel so content, so much so, I’m almost nervous the rug will be pulled out from under me.

Yesterday I ate an entire pineapple. (And no that’s not part of my eating healthy plan…or any eating healthy plan for that matter.) I don’t know what happened. I blame it on having canned pineapple as a kid –now the real deal is so darn delicious in comparison. Anyway, I was cutting it up and of course every few cuts I would eat a piece. Then I put it away in the fridge. Then I went back for a handful of chunks. Then I went back and made a big bowl and topped it with whipped cream. (Genius idea.) Then finally, an hour or so after that, I finished it off. One whole pineapple in my belly. I don’t recommend it. Yet, I do wish I had pineapple right now!

The Husband is doing a power lifting competition in the next few months. He is following a pretty particular diet because of it, which is fine, I will of course be supportive. However, because of poor planning he keeps ending up in scenarios where we are in restaurants with friends (this happened twice in a row last week) where he gets so hungry he goes completely silent and legit can’t be part of the conversation until he eats. It makes me want to hit him over the head with snacks.

I was all motivated this morning to get to the gym, eat healthy and focus this week. And then I got to the gym and got so nauseous during my workout I actually had to stop. (I think it may have been my last antibiotic taken at 5:45am, hey at least my UTI is gone!) Then I realized I have dinner out tonight with friends, dinner out on Wednesday night with coworkers and my old boss, on Friday the Husband and I are meeting friends for the Jason Aldean concert at Fenway, on Saturday we’re spending the day with my bestie and her husband, and on Sunday we have dinner with my in-laws. Oh and I get my period on Thursday, cravings have already started. In other words, I can make the healthiest choices possible this week, but I can’t control it all.

We watched the movie Side Effects last night. In some ways it was predictable, and reminded me of Primal Fear. I think my years of SVU, CSI, NCIS, Cold Case, Blue Bloods, Rookie Blue and more have finally made mystery thrillers not that great. Pretty much just guess the most disturbing ending, and you’re right.

I just started to read “And The Mountains Echoed” by Khaled Hosseini and within 30 pages I was hooked. I am actually looking forward to reading before bed tonight. It’ll be good to take a break from reading blogs and crushing candy (do not download candy crush) to read a real book.

Speaking of reading, I miss Google Reader. A lot. I still get a few favorite blogs via email, and now the rest are via Feed.ly which is OK. It’s just not the same though.

So I have a childhood friend, who was actually one of my bridesmaids who still lives in NY, who I talk to every single day. Usually via emails and/or texts but if a 24 hour period goes by and we haven’t talked – one of us is usually worried asking the other if their OK. Yet, I haven’t seen her since my wedding. It’s crazy how distance can be hard, but really it’s all about putting effort into friendships. She knows just as much, if not more than anyone about my life.

As much as I have baby fever, I’ve hit this strange point where I think the Husband and I want to wait a little longer before expanding our family. In reality, we’ve only been together for about 2 and a half years, and married for a little over 7 months. We’re thinking we’ll spend a lot of time together doing some things we have wanted to for a while – like a week-long trip to Arizona this Fall, and a few Caribbean vacations soon after – before talking about trying. We’ve been having so much fun lately, spontaneous fun especially, that I want to keep it just the two of us for a little while longer. Plus I want to grow more as husband and wife before baby (or babies) come into the picture and really make sure we put our relationship a priority, now, and after babies. I won’t lie though, I sure do wish I could go on maternity leave sooner.

And lunch is over. Time for coffee and work. Meh.

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September Book

This past weekend I read A Stolen Life.

It seemed to go along with my theme of reading Room and other books that cause nightmares when you read them before bed.

Honestly, it’s really hard to review a book that is someone’s true story. A horrific story at that.

This book didn’t pull me in and make me want to stay up late to finish it. It was disturbing, sad, and even gave me this empty feeling throughout – but I didn’t find myself that connected to Jaycee and I wasn’t passionate about reading until the end.

It’s hard not to compare the book to Room. Even though Room was strange, disturbing and I could never relate in real life to Jack — I connected to him while reading his story.

But then the point of A Stolen Life is clearly different than that of the fictional book Room.

A Stolen Life was meant to tell Jaycee’s story, to give hope, and to start making the invisible, visible. And there is no doubt that she did that.

However, I’m all about being honest with my book reviews and I would have preferred to read this as a borrowed copy from someone instead of a purchased hardcover.

Now the question is…what book is next?

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I have two dates tonight.

One is with my dear friend J at a coffee shop to catch-up. The second is with what is sitting on my bed side table. 🙂

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Okay, so I’m not really interested in having a true virtual book club (or maybe I would be, I guess it depends on what it entails). Anyway, what I really have enjoyed recently is noticing what others are reading in the blog world and then reading those books. So far it has led me to some amazing books (like Jenna‘s suggestion to read The Kitchen House).

When Jenna also mentioned she was reading Pictures of You I quickly got my hands on a copy. Rather than finish my episode of The Bachelor last night I got into bed at 10:30pm and read until my eyes could not stay open. (It was probably no more than 30 minutes, haha). But already this book grabbed me and I’m looking forward to reading more tonight. 🙂

If I haven’t said it before I am VERY open to book suggestions. I should probably start a page with some of my favorites since they tend to be the most highly suggested and then hopefully people can recommend new ones.

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A good read

It’s 1:26am and I can’t put this book down…

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In dire need of a book

I really really really need a good book. A book I can sink into and get away from everything else over vacation.

I’ve been struggling to find a book I can get into. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

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