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For months now, I’ve hinted at my unhappiness with my weight gain since last summer (13lbs to be exact). But more than a number on a scale, these past few months I’ve felt, down.

Now that doesn’t mean I haven’t been happy in a lot of different ways. For one, my family, friends, and the Townie have made me incredibly happy and we’ve all had some wonderful quality time and trips together.

But more so I’ve noticed that as I dropped exercise from my routine (which happened all to easily), my mood started to change. My positive, easy going attitude has turned irritable, and with the drop of a hat it snaps into cranky-complaining-mode.

My food intake has turned from healthy (with treats) to eating just to eat. Eating as a reward (for a good day or a bad day), eating my emotions and feelings, and definitely eating out of boredom. It doesn’t help that since Townie came along my portion sizes have doubled. 

And my energy is at an all time low. I used to have trouble falling asleep I was so wired. For the past few weeks – all I want to do is sleep. 😦 I’m sleeping in later and later and going to bed earlier and earlier. Add on that I’m also feeling tired all the time during the day too, so much that I could hardly keep my eyes open at points with the Townie in the Cape and sometimes all I can think about at work to get me through the day is getting home and getting back in bed.

My night-time habits have spiraled to an all time low too. Sure once a week I see some of the girls, and a few times I see the Townie, but on the nights off? I’m plopping down on my couch and watching hours of tv while mindlessly eating. I’m talking 4+ hours a night.

I’ve been embarrassed to even admit this, to anyone, to myself, and especially to the blog world.

But I think by admitting it here, I’m in a way forcing myself to change. I need to break the cycle.

Because I want to change. I know the biggest challenge is just doing it. Starting. In any little way possible. Stop the excuses, the complaining, the weak efforts and just friggan do it.

So here it is. I’m not overloading myself with unrealistic goals for the first 10 days (yeah 5:30am workouts would just be a setup for failure right now) but I just want to get back into a routine, back to feeling like myself – an athlete. Most importantly exercise needs to get back to being a priority, not the first thing to go in a day.

Rather than write a whole bunch of overwhelming goals I’m thinking I’m going to take this one day at a time. Each day my goal is to incorporate at minimum, 25 minutes of exercise. [This doesn’t count my walking to and from work.]

Tonight I’m headed back to this boxing class with my college roomie.

Day one of OUT OF THE RUT  begins!

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Last night I headed to a new boxing gym for a women’s only class with my old college sorority roommate.

The class was an hour and a half combo of strength, core, speed training, a full boxing circuit with heavy bags, mitt work in the ring with the trainers and finishing all that up with an abdominal workout.

Yeah it was tough.

photo credit: wehearit.com

It was completely different from my normal gym experiences. This was the type of gym that is gross, run-down, and cheap (think in an old warehouse type place with no ac) – but it gives one hell of a workout. It was almost a relief to walk into a gym and just not care. I didn’t care how I looked, or if I didn’t know how to do things at first. It all came back to just getting a good workout.

It made me realize, I miss boxing. It also reminded me that I need to call my gym because I have about 10 private sessions left and I get to pick a new trainer since mine went MIA.

Anyway, I ended up buying a 10-pack since my friend has a 20pack and now I’ve got a boxing buddy once a week for the next 10 weeks! 🙂

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My boxing trainer has to leave to go back to Ireland for at least a month because of family stuff. I’m disappointed but at the same time I’m looking at this in a way to start getting back into shape trying different methods.

I miss spinning.
I miss running.
I miss routine gym sessions at least 3 times a week.
I miss swimming.
I miss the feeling after a hard workout.

I don’t think I’m going to miss the 2am week night bed times.
Or the 11pm buffalo chicken pizza second dinner.
Or the beers and wine more than twice a week.
Or the eating out 4+ times a week.
The 600 calorie muffins for breakfast.
The carb and white rice loaded indian take-out for lunch.
The soft squishy feeling of my stomach.
The painfully tight waistband of my work pants.

I’m ready to tone that all down and tone up my body.

Whatever it takes. Spin classes. Core fusion. Pure barre. Running. Kettlebells. It’s time to do this.

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I’m struggling a bit with my balance recently. My month’s goal was to focus on balance and while I’m not failing at it, I’m definitely still working it out.

Last weekend I spent a fantastic weekend in Rhode Island with my family. So fantastic that I was convinced to stay through until Monday morning when I had to pop out of bed by 5:30 to get back to Boston for work.

Monday night was a late night of boxing followed by an even earlier morning of kettlebells. Tuesday night was an awesome night with the Townie, but one that included meat lover’s pizza and kissing on my couch until almost 1am.

Two nights in a row of less than 6 hours of sleep made me exhausted all day on Wednesday. I did some quick errands on Wednesday night before trying to get into bed early. (For some reason once again I tossed and turned getting only 6 hours of sleep.)

My day at work yesterday was absolutely insane, I even squeezed in a catch-up yogurt date with one of my friends mid-day, and then I ran out to meet my friend J to catch-up and have dinner. A full personal pan pizza for me later I was feeling bloated and exhausted as we left each other around 9pm.

I am pretty sure I was passed out before 11pm last night.

Another early morning today so I could come into work today before 8am so that I could leave for a 3:30 doctor’s appointment and then go straight home to change before the game.

And my head starts to swirl when I think about the weekend…

  • Will the Townie be staying the night?
  • I have boxing at 10:30a tomorrow
  • I need to: inflate my tires, test attach my bike to my car, lay out all of my gear/food and plan out my leave time for my duathlon on Sunday morning
  • Attend my friend’s birthday dinner and then be a good sport for a little bit at the bar (no drinking, but maybe a little dancing)
  • Get into bed at a “decent” time since I’ll need to be up at 5:00am on Sunday
  • Participate in my first season opener duathlon on Sunday

As much as I love what’s going on in my life right now, I have to figure out a way to balance it a bit more. I’m feeling pretty chaotic, not prepared for my duathlon, a little out of control because of my new feelings for the Townie (ok I can’t help that one 😉 ) and just not the healthiest version of myself.

My first instinct is to stop hanging out so much with the Townie and friends, and just get my stuff together. But that’s not the answer, I will always have this busy (if not busier) schedule to deal with. So somehow I just need to make sure not to throw healthy eating, exercise, and sleep to the wayside with my busy changing schedule.

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I’m not going to lie, my boxing session last Monday left me with a bit of a sour taste in my mouth , especially when in Kettlebell class on Tuesday I had to baby my right elbow and not do push-ups.

But I’m a big believer that if you fail at something you want to do, or it doesn’t go as planned; DO IT AGAIN. Because if you try again with a positive attitude and preparation,  it’s likely to change your mindset and result in a different outcome.  Trust me, the feeling of success after a failure is doubly gratifying.

Last night’s boxing session was fantastic. He may not have been throwing punches at my face, but we did a ton of drills and I felt fast, accurate and strong. Even he was saying I was spot on.

Then this morning I got up at the butt-crack of dawn (it’s now light out before 6am, yay!) and went to my kettlebell class.

At one point during the workout my heart was pounding hard, I was breathing heavy, and my body just felt like it couldn’t push any more. Normally this is when I’d stop and say I need a minute. Instead the trainer said, “No, you’re hitting your wall of fatigue. This is where you need to push through to create a new wall of fatigue.”*

And he was right. As much as I felt like I was done, my body could push more and my mind just needed to follow.

I left the class feeling 1,000 times better than I did the last week. I’m really loving strength training right now. 🙂

*This is not me saying push through when you actually feel like you might pass out, throw-up or get hurt. Each person knows their own true limit.

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OK first, you all are the best. I guess realistically, I couldn’t ever really date someone my family/friends hated but I can’t imagine that ever being the case. So we’ll see where the Townie and I go from here. 🙂

Anyway, today’s thought…

Do you ever try to ignore a few things nagging in the back of your mind, but by doing so they fester and become that much worse?

I have three things going on that are clearly taking a toll on my attitude this morning.

1. Yesterday after work I got home to a letter from B’s Mom. In it was pictures of this cat that we all rescued and just a nice “How are you doing” note. Then I logged on to my computer to find an email from B asking about going to our burger place next week. Seriously, does he have happiness radar on me?

2. Then last night during my boxing I hyper extended my elbow. My trainer put on gloves and he was hitting back (which stung a lot more than I expected) and I threw a right punch, clipped his chin and as my arm was (too) extended his glove knocked my elbow in the direction it should not go. Without being able to stop myself I screamed “F*ckkkk” and walked away. He kept asking if I was OK but I couldn’t speak for fear of crying. The last thing I wanted to do was cry in front of him. As much as in the end it’s not nearly as bad as I thought (still hurts, had to only use my left arm during kettle bell class this morning) it still ended the session on a sour note.

3. I have a pretty large close-knit group of girlfriends (8 of us) who used to always go out every weekend together. Lately because of scheduling it clearly hasn’t been possible to get us all together. But also lately, the 3 that live together have been going out a ton and it seems like they are almost consciously not inviting the rest of us. Sure some nights I have other things going on but it’s a crappy feeling to not be invited especially because myself (and other friends) make a point of inviting them. In some ways it doesn’t bother me in the sense that I have a ton of other wonderful, amazing, and caring girlfriends. I guess I just miss when we were all one big group and there was no drama and we were all on similar paths I guess.

So resolutions for all of this?

1. Avoid. Haha, I know that’s not a real problem solver right now but it’s too early to talk to the Townie about my friendship with B, and it’s too early to talk to B about the Townie. Therefore, I’m going to put off dinner for about two weeks and then deal with it. I want B to continue being a friend and being in my life but not at the cost of finding a partner. So it’s a fine line to play along. I think I’ll figure it out, but it irritates me SO much that B always pops up at times like this. 

2. Ice. Heat. More ice.

3. Talk to them. I don’t want to do it because I avoid confrontation with friends, but I have a feeling a big part of it is because after Patagonia I had no interest in going out and drinking multiple times a week (and vocalized that). Not that that has changed severely, but I’d love to go out every other weekend and dance and drink especially if it means seeing those 3 more often. I still see them for other activities (a few drinks & a dinner, I just hosted a dinner at my apartment on Sunday and 7 of them came for the night, etc. More quality time which is great but still…)

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I’m starting to feel strong again.

This morning I boxed for half hour,


jumped on a treadmill and ran 2 miles,


went into the spin room and cycled for 25 minutes,


then hopped back on the treadmill for a final mile…

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So Monday started off on the right foot.


Lemon Chobani (I love it but I can see how some people hate it. It’s key lime pie-ish to me which is tasty but not one I’d eat every day). I mixed it with Gerber’s banana puffs (yes the only cereal I am allowed to buy) and granola.

Morning snack:

Trader Joe’s turkey meatballs with heaps of spinach, asparagus, broccoli, sour cream and salsa. (Sounds weird but SO yummy.) I also think I ate a whole container of grapes.

Afternoon snack:

Pre-workout dinner:
2 whole grain waffles with pb

Post-workout dinner:
2 fried eggs with salsa & sour cream (can you see my addiction?)


Monday night:
Last night was my first night back to boxing (and back to the gym for the first time in almost 2 weeks). My trainer had been in Ireland so when we met up the first thing he asked was if I had been training. Umm nope, and that showed.

Last night was an all out (hour-long instead of the normal 30 minutes, he was feeling nice) spar. This was the first time he put on gloves and for 3 minute rounds (1 minute off) he actually went at me.

I have never been pushed that hard in a workout. For one, I was completely on an adrenaline rush from having someone hit me. For another it’s one thing to always hit him and his gloves, it’s another when he is hitting back and dancing around the ring. It was draining – physically and mentally.

I ran for 1 mile after that and that was all I could do before I started to feel like I was going on empty.

Tuesday 6:15am:
This morning, I don’t know how but I forced myself out of bed at 5:55am to trek over to my kettlebell class at my gym.

The class has officially been renamed, TORTURE class.

Please picture this:

Kettlebells in one part of the room. A ground agility ladder on another part. Mats on another.

Part 1:
Kettle bells 30 times (changes up each round but it always involves painful squats along with it)

RUN over to

Part 2:
Run down the ground ladder doing high kicks x2
Run down the ladder doing in-in-out-out x2

RUN over to

Part 3:
10 wide push-ups
10 spider-man push-ups

Part 4:
Walking lunges down the room and back

REPEAT parts 1-4 quickly, 5 more times.

*The agility ladder runs change to grapevine, hops, etc and the push-ups also change with one-legged planks.

Take 1 minute water break.

Repeat it all again.

If your curious, my arms and legs are still shaking

I am in a fantastic mood now. My workout is already done for the day. I gobbled up a giant bowl of oatmeal, chia seeds, peanut-butter, a sprinkle of chocolate chips and skim milk post workout.

I also feel back in the groove with boxing and signed up for a package of 24 which will keep me boxing on average twice a week through July.

I also had the awesome idea yesterday to use my lunch break to do a little pampering. Luckily I work about a block from 5 different nail salons so I popped over, got a bright red shellac manicure and was back at my desk within the hour. It made me realize that actually getting up from my desk and moving around for lunch is so much more beneficial than always eating at my desk and literally sitting for 8-9 hours straight.

Tonight is Biggest Loser night. Happy Tuesday 🙂

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This morning I woke up at 5:55 am. I quickly changed, shoveled in a sandwich thin with homemade jam and walnuts (against what my stomach wanted) and ran out the door by 6:15. I arrived at my new kettlebell small group training class by 6:30.

Oh. My. God.

Circuits of: high kick running and jumps down a horizontal ladder, run over grab a kettle bell, 1 minute of hard-core kettlebell action, run over and do 20 spider man push-ups, then lunges down the room. Repeat. For ONE HOUR.

The trainer changed up how we’d run down the ladder, the different kettlebell movements, and the push-up types to keep it interesting and painful.

By the time I was out of the shower I was STARVING. I made a quick egg and cheese on an english muffin and ran back out the door to catch the bus to work.

I feel like I’ve already had a full day!

My new class meets every Tuesday morning for the next 8 weeks with four other women. As painful as it is to get up that early it feels amazing after! Now Tuesday really is my day because after work I can do whatever I want. I can lounge on my couch and catch-up on my dvr, I can run errands, cook dinner, and just relax. It’s my night and now I already got my workout in!

This new class made me realize that March might just be my month of fitness. Minus the first few sick days, I’ve realized that since March 4th I’ve been pretty active in a new way.

Friday, March 4th – I tried a fusion yoga class. An hour and a half of vinyasa meets other forms of yoga? It was tough and I still don’t think yoga is for me but hey, it was probably great for my body and mind. I have a month pass to that yoga place so I may try to get myself to go a few more times.

Saturday, March 5th – Boxing for 40min with my trainer.

Sunday, March 6th – Spin for hope. Eeek 3 hours of spinning, my lady parts hurt just remembering it.

Monday, March 7th – Boxing for 30min with my trainer and a 1 mile run in 9:10min.

Tuesday, March 8th – 1 hour kettlebell torture fun class

Even though the month is a 1/3 way through, I still want to come up with some goals…

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Yesterday was an insane day. I got to work by 7:45am and worked under a deadline until 7:40pm. I literally ran out of the office, ran 1 mile to move my car so it wouldn’t be towed from its normal spot that is apparently a construction zone for a few days, then ran inside my apartment and changed into my gym clothes while shoveling down an odwalla bar. I got to boxing a few minutes late which was fine by my trainer, had a decent, but semi-frazzled training session followed up by a 1mile run that jumped between 6.5 and 9.0 pace for the duration.

I ran out of the gym and called my older sister on the way home. I had sent her an engagement package of sorts with a Wedding Planner binder, a Brides magazine, Peeps and a Boston Red Sox Beer Bottle couzi for her fiance. She loved it all apparently and the dress she is already eyeing happened to be in the middle of the magazine I sent. We talked about the idea of her having a destination wedding (umm, Mexico? Yes please!) I realized as we were talking that maybe this wedding will actually bring us closer together.

Anyway, we chatted for a good hour while I baked fish and brown rice and finally had to jump off the phone to eat dinner…at 10pm.

I watched the bachelor while eating (Ok, seriously, Brad is BOOOOOORING, and there’s something about how he tries to be so understanding that he sounds so disingenuous.) Anyway at 11pm after organizing everything for today I hopped into bed with my work computer and worked from 11 to midnight while finishing up the bachelor.

I thought I’d completely pass out but the crazy day apparently left my mind racing so I half slept, half dreamt about work and everything else.

While luckily I don’t feel more sick today, I am definitely feeling tired. I’m thinking tonight after work I might just run some errands and skip the gym and get myself into bed before 11pm. Especially since I have a date on Thursday night. 😉

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