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It made me so happy to walk home last night in the fresh snow. The first snow is always so silent and beautiful. I LOVE it!

I’m happy that while I had my last boxing session last night (which was one of the best sessions so far) for 2.5 weeks I fully plan on buying another pack of session when I’m back.

I’m happy that tonight, myself and 7 girlfriends will be gathering together for a nice long potluck Holiday dinner together. Wine, copious amounts of food, and the girls = IDEAL.

I’m so happy that Thursday night I’ll be going home, relaxing in my childhood home, playing with my cat, sleeping in the morning Christmas eve, being with my family, and eating. And watching Elf! I’ve never seen it so my family has decided it’s time for an Elf intervention.

I’m happy, and beyond excited that in one week I will be flying to Bariloche, Argentina. I will start a 10 day, once in a lifetime, northern Patagonia exploring trip with my work friend. (I’ll also be away from work for almost two full weeks, woohoo!)

It’s a strange feeling to wake up happy and realize it’s 100% without B. I guess it’s been a year in the making, but it still is this weird recognition where I almost catch myself and think but wait, B and I left things in such a bad place, how can I be happy? Who knows what will happen in the future. All I can do is focus on now, and I know that right now I feel like maybe I am finally, finally, letting myself move forward.

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