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A Friday night spent eating dinner and relaxing on the couch with the Husband.

A Saturday morning swimming ¼ mile (16 laps) for the first time in years. I just zoned out and swam and it was amazing. (As sore as my arms are now, still so worth it.)


A Saturday afternoon shopping and driving around with the husband.

A Saturday late night dinner with my best friend, her husband, and my husband. Eating absurdly delicious food.

Shrimp scampi and braised veal in a port wine and mushroom sauce

A Sunday spent with my best friend, walking through an apple farm, eating a hot out of the oven apple cider donut, then having a “cooking and sharing” day where we each made 2 dishes.


I made a ginormous sweet potato ground turkey shepherd’s pie and chicken sausage stuffed zucchini boats. She made a veggie and bean packed quinoa and an Afghani dish, Kaddo Bourani (pumpkin with yogurt and meat sauces) which is like lick your spoon a hundred time delicious. We made enough so that we both took about 4 portions of each meal. Meaning I went home with 16 portions of food (well more like 12 with the Husband’s portion size) meaning we don’t have to cook or eat out all week. I have got to spend my Sundays cooking more!


And finally… the happy news that is making me dance around today…after talking to a breeder a few weeks ago we thought we were set on waiting for the next litter and getting a boxer puppy. But after hearing about the incredibly sickening and awful tortured dog that was found in the town next to where the Husband works last week – we started looking at rescues. I (somewhat dumbly I guess) never knew how many dogs and puppies were out there needing to be adopted. As we looked through the pages upon pages of rescues we came across a lab/shepherd puppy “Michael” and the Husband and I were IN LOVE. We just HAD to take him home. After applications (approved) and talking with an adoption counselor (so much information on rescues and the transport/quarantine process) all that’s left is to schedule his arrival, and then at some point within the next 4 weeks we will be taking Bentley (formerly known as Michael) into our home. I can’t explain the excitement and happiness I’m feeling about the addition to our family right now.


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For a few days now I have had a butternut squash sitting in my kitchen. Honestly, I had no idea how to go about tackling it. Last night, feeling all-powerful after my first boxing class, I decided it was time to get to work on this guy. I should mention that while this turned out amazing, I probably could have googled easier ways to get this cut up and in the oven. 😉

First, I sliced it in half length-wise. I was surprised at how few seeds were inside. I think I was expecting something more like a pumpkin.

Then came the hard part. The skin. I thought why not try to use my carrot peeler? So that kind of worked. I was able (with a lot of slipping and sliding) to get 90% of the skin off. That’s when I gave up and decided I’d peel the rest off after cooking.

I cut the two large pieces into cubes and put it on a greased up pan and into the oven at about 375. Nothing on it – no salt, no pepper, and no oil. I left it there for about 20 minutes then had a fabulous idea.

Why not drizzle a tiny bit of maple syrup onto the cubes? I pulled the tray out a bit and made sure each cube got a small drizzle before closing the oven door. About 20 minutes later I flipped all the cubes and decided to add a little more drizzle. Then I’d say after 45 minutes total I took them out.

Out came soft, heavenly smelling, maple-syrupy cubed squash. It is delicious and tastes just like Fall. 🙂

My lunch today  is packed with all my left-over from the past week. Ground turkey with tomato, onion, corn and taco seasoning. Roasted asparagus. And now roasted squash. I’m definitely meeting my veggie goal. 🙂

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It’s another rainy dreary day in Boston. I’m not going to lie, I loved snuggling under my covers this morning and feeling warm and cozy. I can see though how much less productive I’d be if we had this weather all the time. I think I would sleep in a lot more and be less apt to walk around or run errands outside.

So something I hate to admit, because it makes me realize I’m not fully there on my healthy mentality mode. Last night when I first got to the gym I weighed myself. I’m up almost 5lbs from when I last weighed myself (maybe two weeks ago or so). How is that possible?

I’ll tell you how. Extremely large portion sizes of food, real ice cream nightly, and alcohol – almost every night. I was having at least two beers a night for 7 nights in a row. (And a few times more than 3-4 drinks.) I’m not a huge drinker and a big reason is that I swear alcohol immediately makes me gain weight – I packed on 30lbs in college and that was one of the biggest culprits. Add that in with the munchies after drinking and I become a much less healthy and happy me.

It really bothered me to see my number on the scale go up. I hate that it was a number that bothered me so much because I really want to care more about eating and feeling healthy. But I realize now part of why I do care is because I know for the past few weeks I’m eating twice my regular portion sizes and basically bingeing a lot at night and it’s not just because I’m hungry. Because I’m not that hungry, I’m eating to eat I guess.

So before spinning I got on the treadmill and ran a mile and then did my 55 minute spin class. It felt great to sweat everything out. What didn’t feel great was the rancid farter in front of me in my spin class. I kid you not, that was more brutal than the sprints.

Anyway, with that thought of overeating and gaining weight I decided this morning to make my oatmeal without my spoonful of dark chocolate peanut butter dreams and instead just had oatmeal with 1/2 tablespoon chia seeds, a few dashes of pumpkin spice and strawberries.

While it tasted nice and fall-ish, I missed my dark chocolate peanut butter!

And now I’m thinking if I want to cut back I need to just reduce portions sizes, add in veggies, but not take away something that makes me so excited (and crave) my morning oatmeal. So DCPB you’re back in my oatmeal tomorrow! What’d I’d really like is canned pumpkin but the shortage continues, grr.

I also put my name down last night to get more information on an upcoming Small Group Training – Boxing class at my gym. I’ve been dying to try out a new workout and a small group training class would be really neat. So we’ll see!

image source

One thing once my tri training stops after this weekend is that it’ll be somewhat nice to just do a variety or working out without a schedule on what *needs* to be done each week. I fully plan on keeping running, spinning, and biking in my schedule and maybe I’ll still swim every other week or so. But it would be great to get into some other classes, especially more “social” classes at my gym.

I’m starting to look at this fall as a way for me to try a number of new things. I just scheduled a catch-up date with a friend next week, seeing the show Wicked (which I’ve never seen!) with another friend one night and going away to my friend’s Lake House for Labor Day weekend with a small group of friends – things are looking good.

I also really need to get my finances in order and start saving. Who knows where I’ll be in a few months and I need to get myself out of any debt. I have about $4k left of debt before I am officially debt free – car paid off, credit cards, interest, etc. Savings must start ASAP.

…It looks like a fall goals/challenges list is in order!

Oh and the best news? My younger cousin who is going into her senior year at Boston College wants to run a half marathon together.  I have yet to run more than 6.2 miles so this will be a challenge but exciting. We’re thinking of the Hyannis Half Marathon at the end of February to keep ourselves running through the winter. That means training won’t need to start until November…

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