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I don’t know where I heard or read that quote recently, but it is so true. How on earth is it October?

Life at the end of last week became a little chaotic. My grandmother had a stroke. I immediately thought the worst, but thankfully after a few days in a neuro psych ward, she’s been moved to a rehab facility. I also spoke with her on the phone, and for an 87-year-old, she was actually pretty with it. Good progress, that’s all I ask.

Anyway, I spent a lot of September feeling like I just had to get through it. Get through the crazy wedding season, get through the ridiculous amount of plans and obligations. It was kind of a sad mentality now that I think about it. I don’t ever want to wish away or just get through days.

So October is going to be about enjoying each day. Spending time doing things with people I love. I’ve got lots already planned this month, during my favorite season everrrr, and I can’t wait.

Let’s start with October 1. Yesterday morning before I left for work I put all the fixings for beef stew into the crockpot, set it on low and left.

Right from the train station after work I went swimming. It’s funny, sometimes I think I’m bored while swimming and then a few laps in I zone out, and by the end I’m solving all my problems. I got out of the pool after half a mile and was immediately ravenous and exhausted. I forgot how much swimming takes out of me. It’s a nice change right now to my workout routine though because in the last few weeks I’ve felt so unmotivated.

By the time I walked in the door around 7:15 I was beyond thrilled to have delicious beef stew waiting. I’ve decided I need to make a crockpot recipe each week.

I then forced myself to spend about an hour and a half puppy-proofing (cleaning, moving, unpacking) things in our bedroom loft area. By 9:30pm my body was aching and I sat down and watched the Voice. It’s a show I used to hate, but somehow I am completed sucked into the blind auditions this year.

Got to see the husband for about 5 minutes after he came in, showered, and left for work.

All in all, minus missing the husband, my first day of October was pretty damn good.

Today I forced myself out of bed at 5:50am (getting really painful as it gets darker and the fact that I’m somehow not in bed until 11 each night) and went in for an hour of strength training at the gym. Tonight I’m really looking forward to spending the evening with the Husband and eating more beef stew. Simple and perfect.

This weekend I head to Buffalo where I get to spend time with some of my favorite college girls and finally meet one of their sons for the first time. I don’t even care what we do, I’m just so excited to hang out and talk all weekend.

Sunday the Hubby will be picking me up from the airport and we head to have a bbq with friends and watch some football. I have an inkling we may find out the gender of one of our friend’s babies at this gathering which makes it even more exciting.

And on Monday…we pick up Bentley! I took off Monday and Tuesday to ensure I can spend all day with him. Going forward I’ll still be working from home on Thursdays, the Husband will be home all day with him and I imagine our schedules will change a bit as we figure out what works best for us as a family. Seriously, I.can’t.wait.

I can’t explain in words how I’ve been feeling lately but let me try. Out of nowhere, I started to just feel really content. Like, less anxious, less controlling, less jealous, less worried about things. This underlying calm feeling of I’m going to do what makes me happy, spend quality time with people, eat delicious food including treats, workout when I’m motivated and when I’m not I may miss a couple of days, and that’s OK. Everything is, and everything will be OK. Maybe it’s a post for another time.

Anyway, I have a feeling October is going to be a really good month.

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