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In 2010, I wrote my first “I” post. A year later in 2011, I wrote my second one. In 2013, I wrote my third. And now, in 2014, here we go…

I am…full from the ham and gouda wrap I just ate.

I want…chocolate. I always want chocolate these days.

I have…this pestering anxious feeling that won’t go away.

I wish…I could be more present and not day-dream about how happy and great life will be “when” certain things happen.

I know… I need to take better care of myself. Sleep more, exercise more and better eating habits.

I hate… having constant neck and shoulder aches from staring at a computer 10+ hours a day.

I hear… Spotify mixed with someone yelling on a call a few offices down.

I crave… a night away from responsibility, tucked away in a hotel with the Husband – bringing back some passion that has gone missing lately.

I search… for ways to stay motivated.

I always… wish my house was cleaner.

I usually… believe in myself.

I miss… when life didn’t feel so serious. For instance when I first started working and it “was just a job” and not a “career”.

I love… my little family dearly. Even if lately, I’ve been hard on them – and hard on myself.

I never… doubt that things happen for a reason. Truly, things seem to work out for the best after big changes or uncomfortable decisions.

I rarely… apologize to the Husband. I need to, because there’s no way I’m always right. I tend to “lawyer” myself out of conversations and I am realizing that’s immature and unfair.

I cry… not often lately. In fact, for a while I felt like I was emotionless – the tears wouldn’t come. Until last night watching that commercial with the young Woman, her child and her Husband in the military trying to find a house via Skype since he was overseas. When she goes to look at the house they agreed upon, she opens the door and there he is – inside in his uniform waiting for them with flowers.

I lose… sleep over stupid anxieties that are caused by procrastination or self-doubt.

I should… learn that sometimes it’s easier to let go of control.

I worry… so much that I legit have found 5+ gray hairs recently.

I dream… too vividly, and remember multiple per night and I don’t understand why everyone else doesn’t?

I was… looking for a way out of my half-ironman. Yes, I admit it, I was.

I need… to change my perspective.

I can… truly do anything I want right now in life. I’m successful, I have a great husband, an awesome dog, a cute apartment, a new shiny car, vacations to look forward to — so I can do anything I want – I just have to figure out what it is I want.


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Last year I read Danielle’s “I…” post  and loved the idea of it. I immediately copied it and made my own “I post”

When I came across her version again this year, I knew I wanted to do it again too. The best part was that I wrote out my answers and then compared last year to this years. What a difference.

I am… so excited about my vacation with a few girlfriends next week

I want…a house, or better yet just more space than my tiny HOT studio apartment

I have… a sugar coma from eating 3 donuts today

I wish… I would be at my happy weight

I know…that I can have everything I want but I need to stop rushing to get it

I hate…when people talk really slowly. Sorry, I just want to bang my head against the wall while waiting for your sentence to be finished

I hear…people typing.

I crave… a few days at the beach, with a good book, and a good night’s sleep after getting a tan

I search…for future trips with the Townie

I always…drink at least 68 ounces of water a day

I usually…have to tell myself to “keep calm and carry on” at least once a day

I miss… my friendship with B, carefree highschool days, and seeing my girlfriends almost every day

I love… Pretty Little Liars

I never…thought I’d be planning the Townie & my engagement scenario in my head…

I rarely…wash my dishes, do my laundry and take out the trash after the first time that I say I need to

I cry… when I see other people’s feelings getting hurt.

I lose…patience when people bring drama into their lives

I should…save more money, clean my apartment and eat healthier

I worry…about my life choices and if they are what will make me the happiest

I dream…too vividly and end up mad at people because of what they did in my dreams

I was…heartbroken the last time I took this survey

I need… to catch up on all my dvr’ed shows

I can…not even imagine what the future is going to bring 🙂

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I just came across this post on a great blog I follow. I thought it was neat, especially given my not so great day and mood. Here’s my version, with the first answers that came to mind.

I am… sitting on my couch in sweatpants, wrapped in a bathrobe, watching 19 Kids and Counting.

I want…to be in love again.

I have…a killer PMS headache. 

I wish… my Mom would find her soul mate who treats her like gold.

I know…my heart will eventually heal.

I hate…when people walk/step on my heels.

I hear…my ceiling fan whirling.

I crave…hot pasta.

I search…too often for life’s meaning.

I always…want to write another goal’s list. 

I usually…feel 100 times better after I exercise.

I miss…having a boyfriend who was a best friend, travel companion, and support system.

I love… getting up early on fall mornings and enjoying a cup of coffee.

I never…give up hope.

I rarely…floss.

I cry…when watching marathons or Julie Moss.

I lose…my sanity and rationality when I get my period.

I should…start saving a lot more money.

I worry…that my Mom is losing her beautiful, optimistic spirit.

I dream…of having a sunlit home, a caring husband, and a yard with a dog.

I was…heartbroken.

I need…to get more sleep. 

I can…make all my dreams a reality.

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