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Yesterday was one of the most content days I have had in months.

It wasn’t because I accidentally slept through my third triathlon, no, that caused some sobbing at 6:40am.

It wasn’t because of my horrific 9/11 memories.

Instead it was because I was 100% present in the day.

The Townie and I went back to sleep after my tear fest. We woke up at 9:15am and lounged around in bed.

We walked to a nearby coffee shop and drank iced coffees and ate delicious bagel sandwiches. We chatted about our fantasy football teams that would be playing later.

I simmered an amazing buffalo chicken dip in my crock pot – a mix of rotisserie chicken, cream cheese, blue cheese dressing and franks red-hot sauce. The townie scooped heapfuls out with french bread.

I did 5 giant loads of laundry.

I cleaned out my entire closet – creating piles for goodwill, and refolding everything I was keeping. I now have empty cabinets.

I did every single dish that was in my sink, 3 hours worth of hand scrubbing.

I cooked amazing quesadillas for dinner.

Flour tortillas
1 chopped onion
1 can Hatch New Mexico green chiles
Half shredded rotisserie chicken breast
A handful of mexican blend shredded cheese

The townie ate his within minutes, claiming it was delicious.

Football games played on my tv for most of the afternoon, and in between cleaning and cooking I watched as my fantasy players racked up points for me in my family and my work league.

I traded texts with a few friends confirming week and weekend plans and just saying hi.

I read the first bit of Stolen Life and I already know it’s going to have me hooked.

Everything I did yesterday, was about yesterday. I was living  in the present. I hardly touched the computer (except to play a little Words with Friends in between cleaning).

Sometimes I get so caught up in planning and doing. I overload my plate to the point where when I’m doing one thing, I’m already thinking about the when and hows of the next thing.

It’s good to live in the present. It’s peaceful. I felt truly content yesterday. 🙂



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