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So last night I actually got into bed at 9:30 when I started feeling sleep and was asleep by 10pm. Apparently I needed some sleep because I actually slept straight through until 7am this morning!

I didn’t even finish Biggest Loser!

On a not so happy note, I woke up this morning to my PC actually saying, “NEW VIRUS FOUND, NEW VIRUS FOUND” only it wouldn’t let me close out of the virus program, it won’t let me remove the viruses and it won’t allow me to get online at all. Beyond frustrating.

As a sort of computer savvy person by the end of messing around with it this morning I wanted to chuck it across the room.

But it made me start thinking, is it time for a Mac?

I have wanted a Mac for a while because it has great photo editing tools. But I’ve always been a PC girl and I just understand the PC set up a lot more. What to do, what to do…

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