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I’ve noticed in the blog world, and in the real world actually, that everyone dislikes Tuesdays. I’m not sure if it’s because Mondays are hard enough after the weekend and maybe Tuesdays still feel like the beginning of a long week.

I love Tuesdays. In fact now they are one of my favorite weekdays. Once I stopped taking night classes it was so much fun to have Tuesday nights “open”. I’ve tried stay away from having  a set activity after work on that day.

Instead Tuesday has become my whatever I’m in the mood for and makes me happy night.

Sometimes that’s meeting up for a manicure and pad thai with a friend. Sometimes it’s a little shopping. Most times it’s a quick run and then coming home and sitting on my couch and watching the Biggest Loser with a big bag of popcorn.

The trick is now on Tuesday mornings, I’m so excited that that night I can do whatever makes me happy that it just seems like an easy breezy day. And it makes Mondays feel even better since I know as I’m getting ready for another week of work that I have Tuesday night off from everything else going on in my life. That Tuesday night is mine.

Is it Tuesday yet? 🙂

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