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This past weekend was a fun one, but in some ways it was a roller coaster of emotions.

Early in the week the Townie and I bought movie tickets online to see Friday’s showing of Bad Teacher.  Once we got to the theater we found out that Harry Potter had taken over all of the theaters and our movie had been cancelled. We ended up getting a refund AND a pair of free tickets to see a movie any time we want. Score.

Since the movie was cancelled the Townie and I headed to Target. I’m sponsoring a 5-year-old little girl going into Kindergarten so I needed to pick up a backpack, lunch bag, folders, crayons, etc. My favorite part of school was always the back-to-school shopping so it was really fun. Even though it was a mundane, silly little Friday night – the Townie and I both agreed we had so much fun together.

Saturday morning we headed to a diner for breakfast and then I asked if he would be interested in taking a walk through my area so I could take pictures with my Canon Rebel that has been sitting in its box for months.

The Townie then headed home to an engagement party and I attempted a quick run (a painful 2 miler) before I headed to my friend’s goodbye party. (She’s moving to Canada 😦 )

After a few hours there, I rushed home, showered and got ready for the Townie to pick me up. His sister had her bridal shower earlier that day and wanted us to stop by for a drink and the whole crowd from the engagement party he attended was planning on going out in Boston so we were meeting up with them.

We had a quick drink at his sister’s where she had about 25 people over. It’s been nice getting to know his sister since with B, I was so close to his sister. After we went to meet up with his friends. While I like the Townie’s friends a few of their girlfriends/fiances/wives aren’t exactly the nicest girls. The Townie is my age (26) so the significant others of his friends are all around my age but they seem pretty immature. But a few of them are miserable. I give people the benefit of the doubt, and I’ll be nothing but nice, but they can be really catty, mean, insecure and the opposite of welcoming with a new person in “the group”.

I’m trying my hardest not to let those girls get to me, but I haven’t dealt with “mean girls” in a long time. I just don’t have the patience for it. The rest of the night was fun, mostly because I was dancing around with the Townie (I danced he swayed) before we headed home where I devoured two slices of pizza that were bigger than my head.

Sunday morning I woke up feeling hung over. Too much sun, too much sugar, and way too much prosecco and vodka was not a good combination. I stayed in bed until 12:30pm when I had to go meet my friend S to swim for the first time in months.

As painful and uncomfortable as I felt, the swim somehow made me feel a bit better. Maybe the chlorine soaked up the alcohol. 😉 After a good amount of laps, we got on spin bikes for about 15 minutes before I spent a good 20 minutes stretching.

I got home in the afternoon with lots of plans to clean and organize my life. The hangover won. I napped on and off for a few hours, watched tv, and was back into bed early. I decided this morning that at least until training, I need to take a bit of a break from drinking. A glass of wine here and there is fine, but nights like Saturday night really left me useless yesterday. It also seems to mess with my mood a bit making me sensitive, depressed and lazy.

Today though, is the start to a good week. 🙂

*all of these photos were taken by me 🙂

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I’ve never been one to let mean/gossipy girls get to me. In fact for the most part girls/women generally like me.

Actually, wait that’s not entirely true. I found out my senior year of college that the basically all of the girls I became really close with mistook my shyness (I’m ridiculously quiet and shy when you first meet me although I have grown out of it a bit) but they took it at first as a stuck up/too good attitude. After we started chatting we all became great friends. I have since tried to really work on my shyness because the last thing I want is for me being quiet to come across as me thinking I’m better than someone. Especially because I truly have tried my entire life to be nice to other girls and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I think it’s incredibly unattractive (and petty) to dislike other women or spend time talking badly about them when you don’t actually know them.

Anyway, then there was also my freshman year of highschool. I was dating this older guy from another school district. A junior girl in my highschool was dating his best friend. I don’t know what exactly was said when or how but this girl started to hate me. My boyfriend at the time mentioned that his best friend (really dumbly) commented on my looks or something about me in front of her and she took it as “her boyfriend liking me”. The whole thing was ridiculous because I had a my boyfriend so I couldn’t care less about his friend. However, she cared enough that she made a few months at that school a living hell. So much so that I tried to stay home sick, I didn’t sleep for weeks and I felt sick walking through the halls. Even with my friends always around – she had a way of getting to me. I remember walking up the stairs to Chemistry class and she and a mean girl she got to play along with her walked right behind me and whispered every cruel thing you can think of about me so that I could hear. This went on for a while, I tried to hide it because I honestly didn’t know what to do. I figured if I ignored it it would go away and wanted to be the bigger person. However, one of my friends at the time ended up fighting the girl and her sister after school. (Thank God I wasn’t there since the idea of fighting someone makes me ill.) That was when my Mom found out who in turn told my older sister (in 10th grade at the time but dating a well-known senior) who in turn got a bunch of senior girls and guys to tell her to knock it off. Eventually it died down and life moved on but whenever I came close to her in a hallway my stomach dropped.

Today for the first time in a long long long time I had that feeling again. Although it was slightly different because it wasn’t as much fear/sick it was more sick but this scary amount of anger came with it. But deep down it’s the anger of letting someone else control my feelings and allow them to affect my mood and my happiness.

At lunch walking back from CVS with a coworker I ran into on of B’s best friend’s girlfriend. Now she and I were chatty enough and hung out a few times. For the most part the girlfriends of guys I knew through him were great to hang out and I have semi kept in touch with some. But this is a girl who just loves drama, loves gossiping and even more loves to get everyone’s story so she (believes) she has a one-up. I won’t go into detail about how she made me feel on a couple of occasions during our relationship (and she recently defriended me on facebook) but it was basically a “as B’s best friend’s girlfriend, I know details you might not know”. Which was entirely not true, especially since I knew all along that B truly disliked her and her immature mean girl ways.

So today as we passed in the street she gave me a fake “Heeey smile!” Followed with a look, you know the look, the look of feeling sorry for someone, and saying, “how have things been, have you been ok?” Never have I ever wanted to just smack someone! That look! I’m fuming! Meanwhile I played it cool smiled and said things are great and we parted ways.

I am trying not to let it affect me, I really am. But it makes me feel sick. It resurfaces so many feelings. It makes me feel like I’m back in 9th grade again.

I’m just going to remember what my Mother always said. WHO CARES? Everyone can see that those mean girls are really insecure girls. You live your life and focus on being good to others.

And so I will. But I’m going to get a banana frozen yogurt smoothie to help the process 🙂

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