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After telling the Husband that the baby can now hear our voices, he leaned in close to my belly and whispered, “hello baby, I am your father.

Every morning my alarm goes off and I let Bentley out of his crate and he walks downstairs with me as I make my coffee. As soon as it’s ready, I start to walk back upstairs to shower. Like clockwork he races up past me on the stairs and runs into the bedroom, jumps onto the bed, and snuggles into the Husband’s legs and sleeps while I finish getting ready.

Walking into the nursery each morning, the sunniest room in the house by far, and just standing there thinking, “wow, there really will be a baby in here soon enough”.

Listening, eyes closed, to “Belong” by Cary Brothers.

Walking outside the past few mornings and just knowing Fall is coming. I can feel it in the crisp air and I can just picture everything apple, pumpkin and big comfy sweaters.

Getting to celebrate the birthday of my best friend from home by taking a day off work, meeting halfway in Mystic, CT and walking around laughing at the aquarium. It was exactly like something I would have chosen to do – a relaxed day getting to talk, walk around outside, enjoy a leisurely lunch and just be together. 20+ years later and our friendship is still like none other. I wish so much she lived closer.

A text from my Dad that caught me off guard, in the sweetest way…“Off today. Watching the movie Divergent. The female star reminds me of you. Very few people have such a combo of compassion, bravery and smarts like you. Your daughter/son is very lucky

Realizing its Friday, no one is in the office today, all my meetings are cancelled and after today… I’ll be on the Cape for an entire week of sleeping and reading.


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