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I absolutely love the benefits of my recent diet change. I’m by no means on a diet because I don’t feel like I am restricting myself in any way (and every once in awhile I want and eat brownies, cookies, pie, burgers, and more). I am however making an effort to buy more healthy, fresh, clean, organic foods. Tons of fresh fruits, veggies, lara bars, greek yogurts, egg whites, etc. And my body feels the difference. I’m more lean, my skin is a lot more clear and glowing, and my energy is higher and just completely different. I’m also oddly enough sleeping better.

Here’s what a day might look like:

Breakfast: coffee, Larabar & banana
Snack: raspberries, grapes, cherries
Lunch: natural almond butter on a whole wheat sandwich thin, organic vanilla greek yogurt with a handful of dates and blueberries, handful of baby carrots
Snack: string cheese, vita muffin top
Dinner: organic egg whites, spinach, canadian bacon, laughing cow light swiss cheese, a slice of whole wheat toast, peppers, mushrooms and whatever other veggies I may have
Dessert: this can be very random. Sometimes it’s a bowl of Cascadian Farm Organic Cinnamon Crunch with skim milk, or chocolate vita muffin top or even fro yo (with chocolate chips and almonds).

I like variety of foods otherwise I can easily overeat crappy foods because I’m bored with my current foods. So I stock up on a variety of fruits, veggies, snack bars, eggs, cheeses, greek yogurts, whole wheat pastas and because I have a lot of late nights frozen veggies or boca style burgers.

Now I swear people always say you save money when you don’t eat out and it’s probably true because a meal out can be $20 for one dinner while clearly I am not spending that much on for my home cooked dinners. But, I am spending so much at the grocery store! I find that I end up making two trips a week on average to my local grocery store and usually the first trip is about $50-60 and the second trip is about $20-30.

I need to cut this back. I think if I plan my meals out a little better it may help. I’m definitely letting too much produce go to waste.  But at the same time – my greek yogurts, larabars, organic cereals/egg whites, etc are sometimes almost double what the other products sell for. It’s a price worth paying but I think it’s time to really start planning out my meals and my grocery lists a bit more.

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