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Tonight I attended a $5 community yoga class at a downtown studio. The studio offers a few of these classes a week to help get more people interested in yoga and in a way give back to the community.

I went to a 90 minute beginners vinyasa yoga class. I didn’t know what to expect and truthfully was a little nervous. But the studio immediately put me at ease. The big studio we were in was quiet, warm and lowly lit. There were 35 of us and yet the silence was incredible.

It was a combination of relaxing, tiring (no more downward dogs!), blissfully painful in certain stretches and then in the end, extremely calming.

While I don’t think this specific class was a workout like other yoga classes may be, it was excellent for easing my mind, stretching, working on a little strength, and just putting myself in a good place tonight.

One stretch in particular was exactly what my hips and it bands needed.

The Pigeon Pose

While yoga still isn’t my favorite form of exercise by any means I think I have been thinking of it all wrong. I enjoy doing my cardio, and I enjoy getting some strength training in during boxing. Yoga doesn’t necessarily have to be cardio or strength training workout (although I’m sure it’s actually a bit of both). But the parts of class tonight that were more meditation and stretching were such a great balance. I’d like to continue doing a class like this once a week. 

So I take back my previous comments of hatred towards yoga. I maybe, just a little bit, like yoga.

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