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I would venture to say that at least 80% of any of my runs are mental.

Two weekends ago I ran a 5 mile race. I was running it with my cousin and promised to stay by her side. She hadn’t been running more than a few random miles here or there. She also spent a good part of the night prior drinking – so I knew the pace would be slow and it was my job to help motivate her through to the finish.

At 5:50am we got up, had some coffee and walked a little over a mile to the start in the rain, wind and 40 degrees temperature. As a Florida girl she wasn’t thrilled. I quickly became positive polly – telling her how good we’d feel when it was over, that we’d take it slow, that we’d be eating delicious food all day and we’d even have time for a nap. By the time we started I felt excited and warmed up.

It was the easiest run I have ever done. I’m sure the slow 11 minute mile pace and my recent running classes helped. However, this was the first race of my life I didn’t doubt myself at all. I never wanted to stop running, I didn’t feel tired, or gassed, in fact, I hardly felt my heart rate go up. Anytime I felt her slow down, I immediately kept pushing her to make it to the end. I felt like I could have run endlessly after crossing that finish line.

Fast-forward to this morning. Well, let’s start at last night. I’m fighting an awful cold (thank you Husband) and I’m getting my period. So last night I fell asleep around 10:00 or so hoping to get a good night’s sleep to kick this cold. I woke up around 12:30am and the husband wasn’t home yet (his night off, but the whole shift had gone to the Red Sox game then to watch the Bruins). Well the combo of clearly not enough time with him lately, waking up alone (on his night off), feeling sick and getting my period turned into a sob fest for the next hour in bed. When that was finally done, I grabbed a mug of hot water to help my scratchy throat and played candy crush until the husband came in too. I probably fell back asleep around 3:30am.

At 5:50am my alarm went off to go to running class. I seriously debated not going – but deep down knew the one thing that would probably put a positive spin on the day was this class, so I got up. I went into the class telling myself any run at all was a victory, if I had to stop it was OK, and if it wasn’t my best time that was OK too.

I ended up feeling really strong, and made it through every sprint and every hill circuit. I even found the energy to push up my sprint paces at the end of class.

There’s something about putting pressure on myself – to make a run the best run, or to not stop or walk, or to make it at a certain pace that apparently drags me down mentally and ends up ruining my run.

I’ve decided that I’m going to start running again for fun. I’m going to be all positive polly with myself and remember that any run, is a great run.



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