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Looking back at April Power: Week one, Week two, Week three, Week four

  • Week one workout time: 4.59 hours
  • Week two workout time: 5.75 hours
  • Week three workout time: 3 hours
  • Week four workout time: 4.25 hours
  • Week five (2 days)* workout time: 2 hours

Total work out days: 21
Total workouts: 23
Total workout time for the month of April: 19.59 hours out of 720 hours (30 days)

Things I don’t love after a month of pretty solid workouts:

  1. Showering at least 4 days a week in the morning at my gym. I’ve gotten it down into the routine, but I swear I always have 6 bags of crap with me.
  2. The scale. It hates me, it jumps by 3-5 pounds daily, and it’s not getting much lower after the initial 5lbs down. I can feel the difference so F that little thing..

Things I’ve grown to love, like really love:

  1. Working out in the morning. Even if I hate when that alarm goes off, there is nothing better than feeling accomplished by 8am, and at the end of the workday – having hours of free time to do whatever I chose.
  2. I’ve been tracking my moods, happiness, energy and motivation quite a bit and there is a mammoth difference in my attitude at work, over the course of the day, and at night when I get my workout done in the morning. 
  3. Running classes. I thought I’d hate being on the treadmill but the truth is, I love being in a group, I love being pushed, and it’s a good mix of treadmill and strength. I am going to continue my running classes.
  4. Strength training/mix up of workouts – I’m no longer getting bored (the way I was when doing just cardio). I feel stronger, more toned, and my body is just shaping differently and I love it.
  5. My routine – a workout, for 4 days a week, is solidly scheduled in my calendar. Sure I’m aiming for 5-6, but I know no matter what, it’s routine to get those 4 in. It honestly took the better part of the month though to feel like this was my routine and habit, which is good to remember when starting out.  

Overall, I’m feeling good. Accomplished. And ready to tackle next month’s goals…

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Monday: 60 minutes strength
Tuesday: 60 minutes running/strength class
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: 4 mile walk
Friday: 60 minutes kettlebells
Saturday: 5k jog
Sunday: Off

Last week I signed up for a 5k on Sunday that I was really excited for right near my place. I rearranged my normal Thursday running class in hopes that I could save my legs and really push it. Unfortunately towards the end of the week the race was postponed due to a high number of registrants and it not being safe. I was disappointed but decided to just run a nice slow 5k on my own on Saturday morning.

I absolutely love my new Friday morning kettlebells class. It starts the weekend off right to be done with my workout by 8am. The setup is very circuit like – here’s a sample of what we did this past week:

.5 mile run
15, 12, 9 of kettlebell swings and front loaded squats – x3
.25 mile sprint
15, 12, 9 of kettlebell figure 8’s, push-ups, planks – x3
.25 mile sprint
5-10-15-20-15-10-5 ladder of kettlebell cleans and windmills
.25 mile sprint
50 sit-ups

It was a doozy, but it went by so quickly! Those windmills are sneaky – by the end my obliques and shoulders were dying!

Two more days and then time to think about May goals…

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Last week was a tragic and long one. With the Husband at work Thursday night and Friday, I could think of nothing else. I think everyone feels a small sense of relief, as if we can focus on healing now. 

I worked out when I mentally and physically felt up to it, and when I didn’t – I spent as much free time as I could with the Husband or with what became my second Husband while he was at work, CNN.

Monday: AM 60 minutes strength

Tuesday: My spoon lifting my dinner to my mouth. I enjoyed every bite of this.


Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: AM: 60 minutes running class

Friday: OFF…CNN for 16 hours straight

Saturday: 60 minutes kettlebells

Sunday: Walking around and eating fried seafood in the Cape with the Husband.



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Monday: AM: 60 minutes strength
Tuesday: PM: 60 minutes running/strength class
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: AM: 60 minutes running/abs class / PM: 60 minutes Hatha yoga
Friday: PM: 30 minute walk
Saturday: AM: 45 minutes spin / 60 minutes gentle yoga
Sunday: 25 minute walk

My second week (here’s one) went really well and a few things on my mind…

I love my running classes. I have two separate running classes – my first one, on Tuesday evenings that is a combo of strength (weighted lunges, skull crushers, planks, push-ups) and running (intervals, sprints, mile repeats) with an instructor who I would say is the Jillian Michaels at my gym. The second running class, on Thursday mornings is with an instructor who is much more like a Bob Harper and it’s much more cardio running based, with a little abs. I love both classes, and I really like both styles of teaching. I assumed I’d prefer the Bob-like class but actually, my preference was more towards the Jillian class. She may have been barking orders, but it motivated me and I just did what she said to do, without thinking that I couldn’t. Both classes are fantastic and I’m pushing myself far more than I would ever on my own. Sprints at 6, 9, 11, 13, and 15% inclines? Never, ever happened before. But I did it. I left both classes with a red face that lasted for hours, and I felt pretty damn accomplished.

I took a spin class before my gentle yoga class on Saturday and it was awesome. It’s been so long since I’ve taken a spin class with a motivating teacher and fantastic music. My instructor is 14 weeks pregnant with twins, this was her second class in a row that she was teaching (and partaking in) and she still pushed hard. It was a hilly and fast workout that went for 17 miles on that damn spin bike. I’m definitely going to try to get to spin class more often.

I really wanted my six days a week of workouts to be pretty solid workouts, not “walks”. However, between my shin splints, sore muscles, exhaustion, late period that finally arrived, and an opportunity to have dinner with my BFF who I hadn’t seen in too long, I nixed my Friday evening workout, and instead spent 30 minutes slow walking during lunch. It gave me a little anxiety at first, but then I realized how silly I was being. Walking is exercise. And for the record, quality time with my BFF was way better than a yoga class. I will admit though I should have (and fully could have) done a little more exercise on Sunday. My body felt awesome – no soreness and not tired anymore – but aside from about a 1 mile walk with friends (and massive cleaning out of my closet) I didn’t exercise. I would like to push a little harder this week – because I know I can.

I’m loving Yoga even more now because I’m no longer looking around the room. I used to get nervous because I couldn’t easily do or didn’t want to try certain poses. Lately in the yoga classes I have been attending (especially since they are more gentle) I just close my eyes and do my thing. For the first time last week I easily got into Eagle pose, held it, and gracefully unraveled. If they offered it, I swear I’d go to gentle yoga every evening.

I fully realize that small group classes – which are a small additional fee in addition to my gym membership – are the most motivating and consistent way for me to get my workouts in. I have no plans of stopping my once a week personal training, or my twice a week running classes and in fact…I just added one more to my weekly workouts. Friday morning kettlebells. I figured it would get me to the gym before work, I’d get a legit workout in before the weekend, and it’d leave my Friday evenings open instead of cancelling or worrying about the gym when Friday evening plans come up.

One thing I completely forgot about which will help me on my excuse days (it’s cold, rainy, I’m inside and can’t work out) is my collection…


Welcome back Jillian.

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Well, week one, I did it.

Monday: Strength – 60 minutes
Tuesday: 5k run
Wednesday: Off (I slept through 5am bootcamp…clearly needed the rest day )
Thursday: Yoga – 60 minutes
Friday: Combo of elliptical/treadmill – 30 minutes
Saturday: Yoga – 60 minutes
Sunday: 2 mile run

My workouts weren’t all quite what I was hoping for but a couple of things happened.

For one, recently I have been wearing a pair of my old Asics to strength training. They are hard soled and seem to be easier on my legs when lifting and doing various resistance training, TRX, etc. They are a few years old and have seen far too many miles (walking and running) to be used for any cardio. By accident a little over a week ago, I brought them to the gym on a night I planned to run. I didn’t think much of it and just ran in them on the treadmill for about 4.5 miles. As soon as I stopped running I felt a bit of soreness in my legs but figured it was just from increasing mileage.

Unfortunately the week that followed I had the worst shin splints I have ever had. It hurt just to stand and walk, let alone attempt to jog or run.  After a lot of icing, wearing compression socks, foam-rolling, yoga and my first ever ice bath – the pain has subsided by about 90%.  Yesterday during strength training (I wore my new Brooks – LOVE). I didn’t feel any pain and I’m just praying that for my first running class tonight that I’m pain free. I fully plan on forcing myself into another ice bath after class tonight.

PicMonkey Collage

Also, a very unexpected thing happened…I fell in love with Yoga. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever said such a thing. For years I have tried to make myself fall in love with yoga. Every time I took a class though, as soon as my heart rate went up a little – I’d always wish I was running instead. I had the hardest time staying present and enjoying the class – usually I’d be looking out the door at the treadmills. I may have felt a little better after class was over, but I don’t think I ever really appreciated it in the moment.

Rather than thinking of Yoga as my workout, I’ve started to think of it as a class in addition to my regular cardio workouts. I haven’t been trying to find Yoga classes that are cardio based, but instead I’m enjoying Hatha Yoga and Gentle Yoga – both slower classes that focus on stretching, holding poses and breathing. These classes, especially my Saturday mid-morning class, are incredible for me both physically and mentally. 3 minutes into pigeon pose this past weekend I finally found myself fully present (and very aware of my resisting tight hip-flexors). I leave these classes with my muscles and joints feeling looser and my whole body and mind feeling lighter.

Week two in progress!

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