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I failed at one of my Fall goals this morning. 😦

Last week I agreed to go to 6am yoga downtown with a friend. In theory it sounded fabulous. In reality it would have meant getting up at 5:15 and walking a little over a mile in order to get to the class. In reality when you don’t go to bed until midnight, 5:15am is a no-no.

So I cancelled. Grrr. I hate doing that! I feel pretty crappy and lazy about the situation.

It makes me re-think why I said yes in the first place and what to say yes to in the future. I do love a good morning workout, BUT, right now my priority still needs to be my job and when I get up at 5:15am by 2pm I crash really hard.

So a few changes. First I need to get myself into bed earlier. Recently, I have started  watching my dvr’ed shows around 10pm. While I’m not a huge TV watcher, after a crazy day/cooking/etc it feels like play time once it hits 10pm and I get to veg a little. So it makes me want to stay up later since it’s my free fun time. I’m thinking the TV/computer needs to be turned off by 11pm every night. That’ll still give me an hour or two a night for “fun” time.

Second, yes I want to get some morning workouts in but I need to be more realistic. 6:15am spinning class at my gym a few blocks away? Feasible. 6am yoga class downtown? Not realistic.

So after getting a bit more sleep I should be ready to run tonight after work. I have my 10k in 11 days so I need to get some runs in before.

A few other completely random things:

1. I’m currently eating a strange, yet good concoction for breakfast. I finished my jar of Barney Butter yesterday so last night I threw in 1/2 cup dry oats, 1 container vanilla oikos greek yogurt, 1/2 tablespoon chia seeds, few shakes of pumpkin pie spice and raisins into the jar. This morning it tastes like sweet creamy…cheese. Haha.

2. Did your parents ever tell you not to shower during a thunder and lightning storm? To this day I don’t know if that’s an old wives’ tale or not but this morning during my shower the craziest thunder and lightning storm started. Once the lightning struck I only had to count to two before the loud clap of thunder started. My whole raced shower I kept thinking, “please don’t get hit by lightning“.


3. Where’s my canned pumpkin?! After the shortage I have been dying to get my hands on pumpkin again. I saw real pumpkins recently at a farmer’s market. I want my canned pumpkin!

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