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Last night I got on my bike for 3 minutes. It was raining and cold but I hadn’t been on my bike in over 2.5 years. I also hadn’t ever used clip ins, and my pedals had been switched so like it or not I was using them.

Two almost topple overs and I felt confident enough. Ha.

I went inside, ate buffalo chicken wings, finally drank some water and went to bed.

In other words, the best race prep ever!

This morning I woke up, again to a windy rainy day, and started my routine with coffee. Then I tried on the bathing suits I bought at Target the day before (it was so crazy I never tried them on) and got myself excited for St Thomas. At least I wasn’t nervous for my race, ha.

The Husband drove and came to cheer me on which was pretty exciting. I got through the normal prep, bib pickup, bike set-up, potty and got ready to go. It must have been the weather because a good 40 packets were leftover of no shows. I do recall looking around thinking this was the first race I’ve been at where 98% were in true biking gear with pretty legit lightweight bikes. I felt a little out of place.

First up, a 3 mile run. I couldn’t believe how fast people started out. Quickly I was among the last 10 people (granted there were maybe 60 of us total) but the fear of being last kept me running. I heard two women directly behind me and hearing them pushed me. I could not stop. I could not let them beat me.

Quickly the run was over. In 29 minutes and 22 seconds I finished. Under 10 minute miles, which actually for me are pretty solid. I finally felt warmed up.

T1 was a little slower than normal. My first time switching shoes. I was so anxious about the shoes that I put my helmet on backwards! It wasn’t until Hubby and someone else shouted to turn it around that I realized what I had done. I ran my bike to the road, clipped in and was off.

Holy moly I was flying! The bike portion was only 11 miles, full of hills and turns, but I knew coming off so many intense flywheel classes I had it in me. I passed 5 bikers immediately, and continued to pass a few on the hills. I remembered how much I loved the bike, how strong I feel on the bike and how somehow hills are where I am my strongest. But I also couldn’t shake the mental awareness to be careful, of being clipped in, of taking slick road turns and going too fast. At times I felt myself coasting out of that fear. I’m just not used to being on the open road. At one point I passed a car speed reader on the road and I registered at 25mph!

And just like that it was over. In what was probably about 35 minutes or so. I say about because here’s where things get frustrating.

I dismounted, got my bike back in, transitioned and ran (wobbled) back out. Only 2 miles and I was done!

I was finished and back in the car by 10 am (a race start of about 8:30ish) and yet…

the friggan chip time stopped me at transition 2. Somehow I checked in to transition 2, but it didn’t check me out and so I don’t know my actual bike (it has me at over an hour, probably the cutoff time?) and no second run time.

I’m trying to stay positive. For as much training as I did, and without great pre-race prep, I felt awesome. Endurance wise I felt absolutely fantastic. (Groin wise I don’t, clearly my body wasn’t used to my actual bike.) I feel amazed at myself for using the clip ins (and amazed at how much more efficient they are!) I’m happy with my run times since lately I’ve been doing closer to 11 minute jogs! But I wish I knew the exacts. Gosh I really wish out of it all I had my exact bike time, the one area I’ve worked so hard!

But hey, I did it! I got a great workout in and I am so much more excited for my TRI in June.

Now it’s time for a nap. ☺️

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