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Ok, it may be a result of being pretty cooped up this weekend but I am antsy for a change or something to focus on.

I can’t put my finger on what it is…a fitness goal? A career change? A pet? I don’t know!

I just know that I’m really in need of *something* because right now I feel bored and unfulfilled.

Sadly I can’t get a pet. I’m dying to get a dog but my studio apartment does not allow it. And in order to save up a good amount of money I’m going to be in this apartment for another year to 16 months and then I can get a nice 1 bedroom and a dog.

Then there’s running (road races) or tri training. But it’s just not the same during the New England winter.

I’m looking at every angle right now. Trying to find a book club, a cooking class, a new fitness class, a career class…something! 

I’m not used to feeling so restless, so purposeless?

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