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I’m officially signed up and training for:

1. Ras Na Heireann 5k – March 13, 2011
 Run 3.1 miles
 Goal: Would like to beat my best PR from 2008

2. Wrentham Duathlon – April 17, 2011
 Run 5k, Bike 11 miles, Run 2 miles
 Goal: Finish 🙂

3. Escape the Cape Triathlon – June 4, 2011
 Swim 1/3 Mile, Bike 10 miles, Run 3.1 miles 
 Goal: Support my friend J and finish strong

4. Timberman Triathlon – August 21, 2011
 Swim 1/3 mile, Bike 12.5 miles, Run 3.1 miles
 Goal: Under 11 minute swim, under 50 minutes bike, and under 31 minute 5k

I have a few different types of goals this season. For one, I’d love to beat my best race time in all of the 5k’s I have ever done. Which was actually my first ever 5k.

The duathlon is my first duathlon and at the moment I’m doing it by myself. So I think my goal for that one will just be to finish safely.

The Escape the Cape Triathlon is a great season opener. The distance is a bit shorter than what I did for my first tri and it’s going to be my friend from work’s first tri. She is the one I went to Patagonia with and I basically got her excited about doing her first one. I wrote her up a training plan and really it’ll be great training but my goal here is to have an amazing and positive experience with her. Therefore it doesn’t matter what my time is.

The Timberman Tri is going to be the one I set a real goal for. The bike distance is 5 miles shorter than my first tri so I know I can do this race. Now it’s a matter of training and pushing myself to finish a bit better than I did for my first. The bike portion of my first tri I finished in 55 minutes (for 17.6 miles) so I know I can go fast. The swim and the run though I know I can push myself much harder.

I’m so excited for all of this…it’s just getting myself to start that’s the hard part!

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I used to overly spend on a night out at a bar. Or too many nights of eating out and takeout. And lots of clothing shopping sprees. The worst was a trip to CVS for one item and walking out and always spending over $50.

I’ve really toned that down over the last year.

BUT I am realizing now looking back how expensive I have let my fitness hobby become.

In 2011 alone so far I have already spent:

March 5k Road Race –   $34.34
April Duathlon – $60.35
August Triathlon – $141.93

May 5 mile Road Race – $35
June or July Triathlon – $90
September Triathlon – $90

Additional fitness costs so far in 2011:
Monthly Gym Membership – $63 each month
Personal Training Boxing Sessions – $500 for 12

New sneakers- $130ish
Bike tune-up – $100ish (?)
Fall/Winter races – Another $100+

And if it’s anything like last year, hello new garmin, foam roller, the stick, yoga mat, kettlebell, bike, helmet, etc.

Ya know…I’m not even going to add this up.

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You know what I love? After a long exhausting week at work spending a Friday night cooking dinner and watching The Town with two of my girlfriends. (See it!)

And sleeping in until 8:30 this morning, then going to a boxing session which I rocked, then doing extra few strength training moves with my friend, then running all over Boston to find ugly Christmas sweaters with 3 friends (no luck, but candy cane stockings were found) and now getting ready for an early night at an Irish pub with traditional Irish music and some yummy food.

And tomorrow morning I’ll kick this 5k’s ass and then be lazy the entire afternoon as we’re expecting SNOW.

That my friends, is a weekend I love. 🙂

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