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So my staycation was nice. Oddly though, it didn’t feel nearly as long, or fulfilling as I expected it to. There was no pedicure, or sleeping in (unless you count 7:05am), or writing of my wedding thank yous or working out (in the traditional sense). Womp womp.

There was a lot of Starbucks, quality time with Bentley (lots of reservation walks), catching up on some TV (the Voice, Biggest Loser, Parenthood, Reign) and extra time with the Husband. I think of all the days, my two favorite were Friday and Sunday at the end of my staycation – when I was the busiest.

A few highlights…

Sunday the Husband and I took Bentley to puppy kindergarten where he had a blast playing with his puppy friends and learning some new commands.

Monday morning the Husband and I got up early and headed to the outlets. We scheduled the dog walker to come a couple of times during the day so we knew we could easily be out from 9am to 2:30pm. It was actually really nice to split up, do some shopping and then get back together and have lunch. After heading home we picked up Bentley and drove out to my in-laws house for the afternoon. We let Bentley run around their 5 acre backyard for an hour or so (my in-laws, once not “dog people” have started to love him!) and had a nice home-cooked dinner with them. Once home, Bentley was zonked so he went upstairs to bed and the Husband and I finally had some alone, alone time. 😉

Fast forward and Friday was a great day. I scheduled the dog walker again to come (Husband worked the overnight on Thursday so needed to sleep Friday day). I left the house around 9am after a reservation walk and some command practice with Bentley, got myself some Starbucks, and hit up the Gap and a couple other stores nearby for shopping. Then I drove into the city and had a delicious lunch with a friend overlooking the water on her lunch break. I headed home, had some cuddle time with the Husband and Bentley, and then headed back out to have a warm catch-up dinner with my best friend J. We ended up getting a table right next to the fireplace and it was amazing to spend 3 hours just talking with her.

photo 1

Sunday morning we got up early and headed to puppy kindergarten. Maybe because some people had a 3 day weekend and went away but we (and the trainer) were the only ones who showed. It was actually nice since we got a private session and worked on recall and drop-it with the sole focus on Bentley. We’re apparently spoiling Bentley a little too much and it’s time that he lives in our world, instead of the vice versa. Now at 28lbs and only 3 and a half months, I think we’re going to have a big strong boy on our hands. After kindergarten we met up for a very short walk with my friend S, who got to meet Bentley for the first time. Then we came home, watched a little football (…I napped on the Husband) and then the Husband and Bentley went out to his parents for the evening. In a three-hour span without Bentley I was able to pick up the house, take out the garbage, Swiffer, vacuum, clean off the deck, do a load of laundry, upload my wedding pictures to FB, unload the dishwasher and Clorox the bathroom. It felt friggan amazing.

Shortly after my cleaning frenzy I headed back into the city to meet up with four of my friends for dinner. It was so nice to catch-up with everyone and eat, eat, eat! I was home late, and in bed shortly after.

photo 4

photo 5


If I’m being my honest blog self…

I loved having time off, but life has changed so much since we got Bentley. With him still being a puppy, and me now living in the suburbs a good 30 minutes from friends, it’s no longer easy to just run out of the house for hours or meet up with friends at last-minute. Everything needs to be planned and coordinated. I found at times having a little FOMO when I knew my friends were getting together and I wasn’t. And because I had time off, I felt guilty putting Bentley in his crate over spending time together. I had envisioned getting to lay on the couch and relax, watch TV, or go for long runs last week in addition to spending time with Bentley and none of that really happened. But even when TV/couch time sort of did happen, I wasn’t all that happy. I was actually my happiest on my busiest days, the ones I highlighted, when I got to spend time with the husband, people, Bentley, get out of the house and do things, and feel “productive”.

I love Bentley with all my heart, I really do, but I also dealt with guilty and embarrassed (“I’m a failure and sound dramatic so can’t talk to anyone about this) feelings over being overwhelmed with Bentley. I think it was Tuesday when I only left the house to go to the trails with him and after a full day with him alone I just about lost it (husband worked, had his power-lifting class, then went back to work). If I had to say drop it or no bites one more time I think I would have pulled my hair out. I craved time alone, time with adults, even work just to get out of the house and have a break.

photo 2

Part of this process I think is me learning to also ask for my time too. The Husband has his power-lifting class on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. No ifs ands or buts, I watch Bentley those evenings alone. He also has season tickets to the Patriots games so many Sundays when he is at the games all day with friends, Bentley is also all mine to care for. While most Tuesday and Wednesday mornings I head to the gym at 5:50am leaving the Husband in charge of the puppy until late evening (or when the dog walker comes) there isn’t an evening where I have felt it’s OK to ask the Husband to take on Bentley alone until last week. I’m not really sure why, it wasn’t the Husband’s doing by any means, I’ve putting the pressure on myself to always be there for Bentley when I’m not at work.

photo 3

On a side note, it has definitely made me really think about planning for a baby… and how I should probably target my (no time soon) maternity leave around a time when the weather is nice enough to go outside with a newborn (not too hot, not too cold) and find a new mom’s group or something or I may actually go insane.

I think overall, I’m such a better “puppy mom” and person when I have time each day to do other things, be around adults and be productive. I absolutely love spending a few hours with Bentley, hitting the trails, training and cuddling – but I need more than that to be happy. I need to work. I need to see my friends and family. I need to enjoy a quiet dinner with the husband. I need to get a few workouts in each week. I need to spend 20 minutes, alone, in a hot shower without being interrupted.

But overall, I just need to keep working on accepting that it’s OK to feel this way and it’s also OK to say it out loud. 

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Umm life has been crazy.

Family/friend trips to Buffalo and Baltimore. Work trips to New York. Last minute emergency surgery for my Mom who’s retina detached and is still recovering. Sad news about my Grandmother’s dementia and her permanent move into a home. And figuring out how to have a puppy and not give up our lives completely.

We’ve started to nail down a routine. And family emergencies have hopefully stopped for now. And travelling isn’t going to happen until Thanksgiving, thank God. And Bentley is finally sleeping (most nights) for 6-7 hours straight without any wake-ups and we’ve hired a dog walker to help us through puppy stages.

Anyway, back in March I requested the first week in November off and the Husband and I had planned to head to Arizona. That isn’t happening since we just don’t want to leave the puppy for a full week after only having him for just over a month. Instead, the Husband will be working some, and I’ll have my very own staycation.

And here’s what I want to do…

  • One night of NOTHING. Pure coach potato nothing. I want to eat dinner with the Husband, put Bentley to bed and watch Dexter all night long without having to move.
  • Take Bentley to puppy kindergarten (first class went well), on some reservation walks, and get some quality time with him that I don’t always get when I’m at work.
  • Go outlet shopping for a few hours, by myself, and find some new winter work clothes and boots.
  • Get up early because I want to, before the Husband and Bentley are awake, and drink coffee while the sun rises.
  • Sleep in one morning. And by sleeping in, I mean 7:00am. Yes that is in fact sleeping in these days.
  • Take a nap. Bentley naps, so Mommy gets to nap too.
  • Go to bed one night before 10pm. And sleep and sleep and sleep.
  • Get a pedicure.
  • Visit my in-laws.
  • Go on a date with my Husband.
  • Write my damn wedding thank yous.
  • Order some wedding pictures.
  • Think about doing something nice for the Husband for our one year anniversary which is coming up in just over a month.
  • See my best friend J and finally get a few hours of true catch-up.
  • Plan some date time with friends. I miss them.
  • Workout without feeling guilty. Go on a run and for a few swims.
  • Bake something delicious and Fall-like.

That’s it. For one blissful week, I just want these simple little things.

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I had a wonderful weekend with the Townie. It was his sister’s wedding weekend so I spent Friday getting mani/pedis with the Bridal party (incredibly sweet they asked me to join), then came the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, the after-party and a quick stop to say goodbyes on Sunday morning.

I really lucked out with the Townie’s family. I can’t explain how wonderful and welcoming they all are. They all said such nice things to me over the weekend and never for a second did I feel like I didn’t belong.  There may have even been “sister in-law” and “cousin in-law” jokes made my way 🙂

No, that’s not my hand. But if he likes it so much, it’s going to be time pretty soon that he puts a ring on it. 😛

Side note: if you met someone through online dating (like I did with the Townie) would you tell people how you met? Both the Townie and I had no qualms telling our friends that we met online yet somehow when it came time to tell our family, work folks and acquaintances, we found ourselves saying we met at a bar.

Anyway, yesterday I was absolutely exhausted. I napped for almost 3 hours in the afternoon, stuffed my face with pizza, and went back to bed.

Instead of coming off the high of the past few days I’m feeling a bit stressed, a bit exhausted, and pulled too thin in too many directions.

All I can do is get back on track for the next few days and stop making so many social plans!

30 minutes strength training
20 minutes cardio
Cooking dinner & fall tv shows! What’s good on Mondays…?

3 mile run
Cooking dinner and BIGGEST LOSER

Spin class

AM 30 min strength training
Making a jambalaya dinner for the Townie, my BFF and her husband
(*Will save Vampire Diaries  for a non-townie night)

2 mile run
Cooking a birthday dinner for the Townie

In sad news my Garmin forerunner doesn’t seem to want to charge. I would really like to start wearing a heart rate monitor for calories burned but I need one that isn’t large, doesn’t necessary need a chest band and is pretty accurate. Help?

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When the Townie had previously mentioned that he had been interested in trying out Paleo or slightly varied version to see how fit he could be by the end of the summer, I jumped at the chance.

What better way to get my butt in gear, literally, then to have a solid support system with me? Especially since previously that solid support system was my partner in fatty foods and dessert crime.

I went into the bookstore during my lunch today originally to buy Paleo for Athletes or a Paleo cookbook. While I think the program is interesting (and I can see how it works) a different book screamed out to me.

I picked up Jillian Michael’s book, Making the Cut. She is by far my favorite, and most trusted athlete and trainer (waaah, come back to the Biggest Loser and kick Anna Kournikova’s ass!). I have to say, I don’t always think trainers know their facts, especially since who can when there’s so much contradictory information out there, but I truly trust Jillian. Plus she scares the fat outta me so even though it’s just her in book form, I can see myself actually following it.

Her book is focused on people who are already in decent to good shape but are looking to cut those last (10-20) pounds and really challenge themselves into the best shape they can be in. Already I’m hooked! It’s filled with the science behind it all, workouts and recipes. The one part that I’m not sure I can follow completely is no alcohol for 30 days. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a huge drinker but with a family mini-vacation coming up to Florida next week and a cape trip for the fourth of July, some alcohol will be consumed.

I also bought myself a personal food & fitness journal. It sounds silly but recently I’ve noticed that I actually forget or don’t even take into account the excess I eat that aren’t part of my meals or real snacks. A cookie from the kitchen at work, a handful of m&m’s, two handfuls of cereal, a few (big) bites of my leftovers while making dinner, etc. Basically I end up eating at least a full other meal during the day added on to my oversized portions.

I don’t know where the motivation is coming from, but I’m loving it. I’m ready to hit the gym after work before meeting with my friend S for dinner!

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For months now, I’ve hinted at my unhappiness with my weight gain since last summer (13lbs to be exact). But more than a number on a scale, these past few months I’ve felt, down.

Now that doesn’t mean I haven’t been happy in a lot of different ways. For one, my family, friends, and the Townie have made me incredibly happy and we’ve all had some wonderful quality time and trips together.

But more so I’ve noticed that as I dropped exercise from my routine (which happened all to easily), my mood started to change. My positive, easy going attitude has turned irritable, and with the drop of a hat it snaps into cranky-complaining-mode.

My food intake has turned from healthy (with treats) to eating just to eat. Eating as a reward (for a good day or a bad day), eating my emotions and feelings, and definitely eating out of boredom. It doesn’t help that since Townie came along my portion sizes have doubled. 

And my energy is at an all time low. I used to have trouble falling asleep I was so wired. For the past few weeks – all I want to do is sleep. 😦 I’m sleeping in later and later and going to bed earlier and earlier. Add on that I’m also feeling tired all the time during the day too, so much that I could hardly keep my eyes open at points with the Townie in the Cape and sometimes all I can think about at work to get me through the day is getting home and getting back in bed.

My night-time habits have spiraled to an all time low too. Sure once a week I see some of the girls, and a few times I see the Townie, but on the nights off? I’m plopping down on my couch and watching hours of tv while mindlessly eating. I’m talking 4+ hours a night.

I’ve been embarrassed to even admit this, to anyone, to myself, and especially to the blog world.

But I think by admitting it here, I’m in a way forcing myself to change. I need to break the cycle.

Because I want to change. I know the biggest challenge is just doing it. Starting. In any little way possible. Stop the excuses, the complaining, the weak efforts and just friggan do it.

So here it is. I’m not overloading myself with unrealistic goals for the first 10 days (yeah 5:30am workouts would just be a setup for failure right now) but I just want to get back into a routine, back to feeling like myself – an athlete. Most importantly exercise needs to get back to being a priority, not the first thing to go in a day.

Rather than write a whole bunch of overwhelming goals I’m thinking I’m going to take this one day at a time. Each day my goal is to incorporate at minimum, 25 minutes of exercise. [This doesn’t count my walking to and from work.]

Tonight I’m headed back to this boxing class with my college roomie.

Day one of OUT OF THE RUT  begins!

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My boxing trainer has to leave to go back to Ireland for at least a month because of family stuff. I’m disappointed but at the same time I’m looking at this in a way to start getting back into shape trying different methods.

I miss spinning.
I miss running.
I miss routine gym sessions at least 3 times a week.
I miss swimming.
I miss the feeling after a hard workout.

I don’t think I’m going to miss the 2am week night bed times.
Or the 11pm buffalo chicken pizza second dinner.
Or the beers and wine more than twice a week.
Or the eating out 4+ times a week.
The 600 calorie muffins for breakfast.
The carb and white rice loaded indian take-out for lunch.
The soft squishy feeling of my stomach.
The painfully tight waistband of my work pants.

I’m ready to tone that all down and tone up my body.

Whatever it takes. Spin classes. Core fusion. Pure barre. Running. Kettlebells. It’s time to do this.

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May Goals

I fell through on quite a few of my April goals.

April Goals status & recap:


  • Boxing – 1-2x a week
  • Kettlebell class – 1x a week (but skipped 2 classes)
  • Personal Training – 2x a week (Decided against getting one…)
  • Running – 2x a week (Fail.)
  • Spinning – 1-2x a week (Fail.)
  • Participate in my first Duathlon (eek!) I DID IT!


  • Keep weekly grocery bill under $40 a week (Fail.)
  • Bring lunches to work daily (Fail.)
  • Eat a serving of vegetables at both lunch and dinner (Fail.)

Mental Health:

  • See the family for one weekend
  • Host a girl’s night dinner at my place
  • See the Townie at least one more time (Haha, this times like 7!)
  • Give myself one night “off” a week
  • Try one thing I’m uncomfortable with (a group run, a dance class, something) (Fail.)

Ya know what? It’s OK. I know that May is going to be a better month. On to May’s Goals:

May Goals:

1. Go to all five 6am Tuesday kettlebells class
2. Box at least 1x a week
3. 2 runs a week – 1 long, 1 interval

1. Bring or eat breakfast at home (no buying)
2. Bring lunch every day for the rest of the month
3. Include vegetables in each lunch
4. Keep groceries under $30 each week (attempt to use up the insane amount of cupboard & frozen items I already have)

1. Bring bag of clothing to second-hand shop
2. Clean out under bed (so scary)
3. Update the res and start thinking…
4. Take my DSLR out and take some fun pictures

*Photos courtesy of wehearit.com

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I’m struggling a bit with my balance recently. My month’s goal was to focus on balance and while I’m not failing at it, I’m definitely still working it out.

Last weekend I spent a fantastic weekend in Rhode Island with my family. So fantastic that I was convinced to stay through until Monday morning when I had to pop out of bed by 5:30 to get back to Boston for work.

Monday night was a late night of boxing followed by an even earlier morning of kettlebells. Tuesday night was an awesome night with the Townie, but one that included meat lover’s pizza and kissing on my couch until almost 1am.

Two nights in a row of less than 6 hours of sleep made me exhausted all day on Wednesday. I did some quick errands on Wednesday night before trying to get into bed early. (For some reason once again I tossed and turned getting only 6 hours of sleep.)

My day at work yesterday was absolutely insane, I even squeezed in a catch-up yogurt date with one of my friends mid-day, and then I ran out to meet my friend J to catch-up and have dinner. A full personal pan pizza for me later I was feeling bloated and exhausted as we left each other around 9pm.

I am pretty sure I was passed out before 11pm last night.

Another early morning today so I could come into work today before 8am so that I could leave for a 3:30 doctor’s appointment and then go straight home to change before the game.

And my head starts to swirl when I think about the weekend…

  • Will the Townie be staying the night?
  • I have boxing at 10:30a tomorrow
  • I need to: inflate my tires, test attach my bike to my car, lay out all of my gear/food and plan out my leave time for my duathlon on Sunday morning
  • Attend my friend’s birthday dinner and then be a good sport for a little bit at the bar (no drinking, but maybe a little dancing)
  • Get into bed at a “decent” time since I’ll need to be up at 5:00am on Sunday
  • Participate in my first season opener duathlon on Sunday

As much as I love what’s going on in my life right now, I have to figure out a way to balance it a bit more. I’m feeling pretty chaotic, not prepared for my duathlon, a little out of control because of my new feelings for the Townie (ok I can’t help that one 😉 ) and just not the healthiest version of myself.

My first instinct is to stop hanging out so much with the Townie and friends, and just get my stuff together. But that’s not the answer, I will always have this busy (if not busier) schedule to deal with. So somehow I just need to make sure not to throw healthy eating, exercise, and sleep to the wayside with my busy changing schedule.

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Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment, you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals, and values are in balance. – Brian Tracy

One of my biggest goals this April is to find balance. There are clearly worse things than a packed schedule muddying up your daily and weekly routine. In fact, I am known to love burning the candle at both ends.

BUT, there always seems to be a fine line where it goes from burning the candle at both ends to burnt out. When I’m bordering on burnt out I become a bit anxious and feel like I don’t have any “me” time.

I’m not complaining because I absolutely love seeing my friends and family. But the drives to New York, the friends coming to visit for days, the activities every single night after work, dating, it’s all  becoming a little chaotic.

I think I need to figure out a way to balance my social life, my work life, my fitness life, while still getting sufficient “me” time. But without giving up too much 🙂

Anyway since it’s all about balance…


  • Boxing – 1-2x a week
  • Kettlebell class – 1x a week
  • Personal Training – 2x a week
  • Running – 2x a week
  • Spinning – 1-2x a week
  • Participate in my first Duathlon (eek!)


  • Keep weekly grocery bill under $40 a week
  • Bring lunches to work daily
  • Eat a serving of vegetables at both lunch and dinner

Mental Health:

  • See the family for one weekend
  • Host a girl’s night dinner at my place
  • See the Townie at least one more time
  • Give myself one night “off” a week
  • Try one thing I’m uncomfortable with (a group run, a dance class, something)

I feel like I am missing a goal and I want something exciting. Maybe I can get some inspiration from your goals 🙂


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I had my reading yesterday. Some of the things he said hit the nail on the head, some were eh. All in all it was a fun and different thing to do with a friend on a week night.

What the cards said about Love:

  • I’m past the pain of my last relationship even though it was a rip your heart out breakup. (True.)
  • I’m the one holding myself back from dating and committment. I need to actually put my own foot out the door. (True.)
  • I feel like I need to get more grounded before becoming committed again. (True.)
  • I should start realizing that I don’t have to do anything I am uncomfortable with and that by going on a date it doesn’t mean I have to marry the guy. (Ha, such a true fear.)

He doesn’t necessarily see me entering into another serious relationship for another year. Lots of little dates which will be important, one of whom may turn into a good friend, but the serious guy won’t start until next year.

I will be married, with kids and happy one day. It won’t be with B.

What the cards said about CAREER:
He sees I’m an asset in my current company and I won’t be leaving it but my role may change, especially when it comes to being creative (yay).

That was clearly the vague overview of what he said but for the most part he or the cards sounded about right. I don’t know what is holding me back – for a long time I blamed it on getting over B but recently that’s just no longer an excuse.

Part of its fear, part of it is this lack of control feeling when it comes to dating. It’s easier and more comfortable to just cancel on dates or not put the effort in.

It also causes me such anxiety to feel smothered quickly when it comes to dating or love, like with DC boy, or really any guy I’ve gone out with.

Part of me also just feels this chaos in my life right now. Like I need to get my own shit together before being committed again even though I miss having a guy in my life. I want to get ahold of my workout routine, I want to focus a little more on my career and figure out what I’m meant to do, I want to spend a lot of time with my current friends and develop some new friends who might have similar interests in me. I want to dedicate time to training for my upcoming tri’s or planning my sister’s wedding or figuring out my faith and what I believe in and how I want to practice it.

The truth is I could probably do all of that with someone by my side, but it would mean compromising. Maybe I’m not ready to compromise yet. Because when I was with B as much as he wanted me to “do me” I held myself back. Maybe I need to spend some time learning how to be a stronger healthier version of me so when it comes time to being committed again I can compromise without giving up too much of myself in the process.

I want to put aside the friends and family who keep asking why I’m not in a relationship, and how I could possibly be single. I want to put aside the wedding and baby fever that’s going on all around me and realize things will happen at the right time for me, even if it’s not the same time as my friends or sisters or cousins.

I’m going to keep putting my foot out the front door and dating, but for the most part I’m going to start focusing on settling this chaos feeling I’m having.

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