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In the past few years many of the blogs I used to follow stopped posting. And then since the demise of Google reader I have only been consistently following a handful blogs. A couple of them are blogs that I have followed and connected with (commented on back and forth) for years now. These are blogs that might not even always be frequent posters, and I might not always read or comment right away, but I continue to read them because they’re real. They share the good, the bad, the frustrations, the heartache, and the random. I love them for that.

It’s rare that I’ll follow a non-food/non-home improvement blog that is always peachy keen where everything is always roses. It doesn’t feel as real. But there’s one running blog that I absolutely love, and even though 99.9% of the posts are optimistic, light and fun I have become very attached to her journey these last years. I’ve grown especially vested over the past year watching her become a Mom, raising seriously the cutest one year old girl and still killing it on her runs.

When I was catching up on blogs yesterday and I read her post that started with the fact that she filed for divorce…my heart broke for her. I know, to many it may sound ridiculous – such an attachment to someone you’ve never met in real life – but I can’t explain it. It was an utterly shocking (to many readers) and stomach-wrenching post. I haven’t stopped thinking about her today.

That’s the thing about blogging. We show only what we want to show. What we choose to show. People reading my blog get maybe 10% of my life (unless you know me on Facebook, instagram, and real life in which case you probably know a lot more).

What’s funny though is that 10% you do know as a reader, is probably the 10% I don’t share with most people in real life. Not because I don’t want to, but in day-to-day life I like focusing on the positive and being optimistic seems to just come naturally.

It’s probably why I love that my space isn’t as public as some other blogs. The public blogs seem to feel they have to always be positive, only show the good, and hide the bad as if there is none. To me, it can feel fake or too surface level to enjoy. This is my space to vent, to be frustrated, to rant, and to be introspective. For whatever reason when things are great and easy – I tend to write less. It’s happened over the past few weeks especially. I’ve struggled to find the time and energy to read my favorite blogs, let alone post on my own.

Anyway, reading what this blogger is going through, my heart breaks, it really does. I swear, I have truly only experienced heartbreak once in my life, and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. While I wouldn’t take my experience back, I learned from it, I grew from it, and I’m stronger than I could have ever imagined, it’s the darkest place I ever was for a time. I hate to think of anyone else in that same place.

I guess it’s just a good reminder. Blogging is a different type of outlet for everyone. But I would venture to say, that you never, ever, get the full picture in this little space. Something to keep in mind.

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Yes, I admit…

I can’t clean my ears without looking at the q-tip after.

I don’t always wash my workout pants in-between wears.

My favorite show on TV right now is Teen Mom 2 and I’m unhealthily addicted to the lives of those girls and their kids.

At least once a week, after getting my morning coffee, I fantasize about what life would be like if I could just work at Starbucks.

My apartment is the most clean when our landlord has to drop by. Why I care more about the place appearing clean for his arrival versus family/friends, I just don’t know.

I read the Boston.com love letters daily column just to try to decipher if I may know who sent the letter, or better yet, who the letter is about.

I sometimes shop out of boredom. Yesterday, during my lunch walk I bought 2 good smelling shower gels (buy one, get one half-off) at The Body Shop just because I wanted to buy something and clothing is too expensive. Ok, because I already bought 2 new shirts this week.

I can’t fathom giving up coffee while pregnant. Take away the alcohol, deli meat, and sushi – fine – but coffee? It’s my life-line.

I hate talking on the phone so much so that 99% of the time I’m actually holding my phone when it rings…and I let it go to voicemail.

I recently started using WebMD and it’s the most traumatic site I have ever referenced. Period late by 2 days? Small bump/ingrown hair? Stomach pain? All apparently are serious signs of my impending death. [For the record, my period came.]

My husband is my best friend and partner in life but he isn’t my everything. I still couldn’t get through life happily without certain best girlfriends. One of whom I get to have a nice long dinner with tonight.

And with that…I admit…I am so happy it’s Friday. Is it the end of the workday yet? 🙂

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