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Well, week one, I did it.

Monday: Strength – 60 minutes
Tuesday: 5k run
Wednesday: Off (I slept through 5am bootcamp…clearly needed the rest day )
Thursday: Yoga – 60 minutes
Friday: Combo of elliptical/treadmill – 30 minutes
Saturday: Yoga – 60 minutes
Sunday: 2 mile run

My workouts weren’t all quite what I was hoping for but a couple of things happened.

For one, recently I have been wearing a pair of my old Asics to strength training. They are hard soled and seem to be easier on my legs when lifting and doing various resistance training, TRX, etc. They are a few years old and have seen far too many miles (walking and running) to be used for any cardio. By accident a little over a week ago, I brought them to the gym on a night I planned to run. I didn’t think much of it and just ran in them on the treadmill for about 4.5 miles. As soon as I stopped running I felt a bit of soreness in my legs but figured it was just from increasing mileage.

Unfortunately the week that followed I had the worst shin splints I have ever had. It hurt just to stand and walk, let alone attempt to jog or run.  After a lot of icing, wearing compression socks, foam-rolling, yoga and my first ever ice bath – the pain has subsided by about 90%.  Yesterday during strength training (I wore my new Brooks – LOVE). I didn’t feel any pain and I’m just praying that for my first running class tonight that I’m pain free. I fully plan on forcing myself into another ice bath after class tonight.

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Also, a very unexpected thing happened…I fell in love with Yoga. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever said such a thing. For years I have tried to make myself fall in love with yoga. Every time I took a class though, as soon as my heart rate went up a little – I’d always wish I was running instead. I had the hardest time staying present and enjoying the class – usually I’d be looking out the door at the treadmills. I may have felt a little better after class was over, but I don’t think I ever really appreciated it in the moment.

Rather than thinking of Yoga as my workout, I’ve started to think of it as a class in addition to my regular cardio workouts. I haven’t been trying to find Yoga classes that are cardio based, but instead I’m enjoying Hatha Yoga and Gentle Yoga – both slower classes that focus on stretching, holding poses and breathing. These classes, especially my Saturday mid-morning class, are incredible for me both physically and mentally. 3 minutes into pigeon pose this past weekend I finally found myself fully present (and very aware of my resisting tight hip-flexors). I leave these classes with my muscles and joints feeling looser and my whole body and mind feeling lighter.

Week two in progress!

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