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I had a wonderful weekend with the Townie. It was his sister’s wedding weekend so I spent Friday getting mani/pedis with the Bridal party (incredibly sweet they asked me to join), then came the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, the after-party and a quick stop to say goodbyes on Sunday morning.

I really lucked out with the Townie’s family. I can’t explain how wonderful and welcoming they all are. They all said such nice things to me over the weekend and never for a second did I feel like I didn’t belong.  There may have even been “sister in-law” and “cousin in-law” jokes made my way 🙂

No, that’s not my hand. But if he likes it so much, it’s going to be time pretty soon that he puts a ring on it. 😛

Side note: if you met someone through online dating (like I did with the Townie) would you tell people how you met? Both the Townie and I had no qualms telling our friends that we met online yet somehow when it came time to tell our family, work folks and acquaintances, we found ourselves saying we met at a bar.

Anyway, yesterday I was absolutely exhausted. I napped for almost 3 hours in the afternoon, stuffed my face with pizza, and went back to bed.

Instead of coming off the high of the past few days I’m feeling a bit stressed, a bit exhausted, and pulled too thin in too many directions.

All I can do is get back on track for the next few days and stop making so many social plans!

30 minutes strength training
20 minutes cardio
Cooking dinner & fall tv shows! What’s good on Mondays…?

3 mile run
Cooking dinner and BIGGEST LOSER

Spin class

AM 30 min strength training
Making a jambalaya dinner for the Townie, my BFF and her husband
(*Will save Vampire Diaries  for a non-townie night)

2 mile run
Cooking a birthday dinner for the Townie

In sad news my Garmin forerunner doesn’t seem to want to charge. I would really like to start wearing a heart rate monitor for calories burned but I need one that isn’t large, doesn’t necessary need a chest band and is pretty accurate. Help?

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At the end of last summer I completed my first triathlon. I’ve said it so many times before – it was such an amazing, positive, and incredible accomplishment. I felt on top of the world.

Now I have a triathlon in 5 days. I haven’t been training like I did for almost 15 weeks last year. Instead I’ve been eating, and drinking, and enjoying myself…maybe a little too much. Don’t get me wrong, this has been an amazing summer and I’ve loved it. But I wish I had gotten my butt in gear earlier.

So maybe I’ve been swimming less than 10 times in the past few months. And I’ve totalled 6 spin classes. And I can’t seem to run a 5k. I do these tris for fun and for fitness. I might be the last person crossing that finish line, but I will cross it, with a big friggan smile on my face.

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I’m starting to feel strong again.

This morning I boxed for half hour,


jumped on a treadmill and ran 2 miles,


went into the spin room and cycled for 25 minutes,


then hopped back on the treadmill for a final mile…

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I tried to re-motivate myself yesterday with the start of a week and the 5 hour minimum of exercise per week challenge.

But I don’t know what’s going on with me.

I know I’ll feel better if I work out. I know once I start working out it’s a piece of cake from there. And yet so far yesterday and today I bailed again on my workouts.

I could blame it on the frigid rainy/snowy weather. Or on the ridiculous amounts of tv shows I wanted to catch up on on my dvr. I could say I was taking time off to try to regain momentum to work out, momentum that never came. Or I could be honest and say for some reason I’ve just become lazy and unmotivated.

  • I’ve tried the tough love – you just have to do it and stop complaining.
  • I’ve tried the I signed up for a duathlon in a few weeks and seriously I’m going to die if I don’t start training attempt.
  • I’ve tried the sign up for a class (kettlebells) so I am forced to do strength training once a week (skipped out on my 5:45am morning class).

I’ve never felt so unmotivated before. It’s been a full week without exercising and truthfully I feel pretty down in the dumps. 😦

Here’s what I am going to try over the next week or two:

  1. Find a buddy. Someone to go to a yoga class with, or spinning, or even just to meet at the gym, but for me a buddy has always been great motivation
  2. Go for a swim. For some reason even though swimming isn’t on my “training” plan for my upcoming duathlon or warrior race I have the strangest craving to jump in a pool and just swim laps by myself.
  3. Try my hardest to get workouts in in the morning or during lunch at work. I have a social obligation each night the rest of this week and weekend so I know I won’t be working out after work.

Any advice? I’ll try anything at this point. I just want my exercise enthusiasm back.

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When I was a junior going to be a senior in college I stayed at school during the summer to do research with one of my professors. It worked out perfectly because 3 of my closest friends also stayed and did the same.

One summer night we were partying outside behind some house celebrating a birthday. I got a voicemail from Blondie, my childhood best friend. I don’t know why I felt the need to check it – considering we usually just left nonsense voicemail for each other purposely making them as long as possible with a final “password” word at the end  so we could confirm the person listened until the end.

It was past 11pm and I decided I needed to listen to the voicemail. As soon as I heard her voice I knew something was wrong. She cried into the voicemail telling me she just found out her Mom had breast cancer. She would need to get chemo treatments as soon as possible.

The first thing I did was call my Mom. I couldn’t actually get the reason I was calling out instead I just sobbed into the phone as my Mother freaked out  since it was almost midnight at this point. When I finally was able to speak she started crying too. I don’t know why, but the first thing I thought of was that Blondie’s Mom was the same age as my Mom, this could be my Mom going through it too. It felt like it was my Mom going through it. Honestly, I felt helpless and angry.

The next year was a tough year for Blondie. Her Mom went through treatments where she’d spend days on end sick and exhausted. She lost all of her hair and spent hours trying to find a realistic looking wig. The following September I came home from Boston and did the Breast Cancer walk in NYC with Blondie, her mom, her brother, his gf and one of our friends. She didn’t want the attention on her but it felt good to be participating in something where so many others understood the reason behind doing so.

Yesterday morning I woke up at 7am, went down to the World Trade Center with my friend S and participated in Spin for Hope. We cycled for 3 hours non-stop with 100+ others to fund-raise for cancer. In total we all raised over $16,000. It was such an inspirational event, everyone was there for someone and each of the instructors (they swapped instructors each half an hour to make it interesting) kept saying as we grew tired – “Who’s waiting for you at the top of this hill? PUSH!

I’m really glad I was able to do it. Even if I need a cushion pillow to be able to sit today.

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I used to overly spend on a night out at a bar. Or too many nights of eating out and takeout. And lots of clothing shopping sprees. The worst was a trip to CVS for one item and walking out and always spending over $50.

I’ve really toned that down over the last year.

BUT I am realizing now looking back how expensive I have let my fitness hobby become.

In 2011 alone so far I have already spent:

March 5k Road Race –   $34.34
April Duathlon – $60.35
August Triathlon – $141.93

May 5 mile Road Race – $35
June or July Triathlon – $90
September Triathlon – $90

Additional fitness costs so far in 2011:
Monthly Gym Membership – $63 each month
Personal Training Boxing Sessions – $500 for 12

New sneakers- $130ish
Bike tune-up – $100ish (?)
Fall/Winter races – Another $100+

And if it’s anything like last year, hello new garmin, foam roller, the stick, yoga mat, kettlebell, bike, helmet, etc.

Ya know…I’m not even going to add this up.

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I have a new rule for myself. In the future when I am angry about something, or need to make a decision, I need to stop my mind and go for a workout.

I won’t pretend it makes everything better and you always magically have the answer after.

However, it helps. A lot.

This morning my toilet exploded. When I say exploded, I mean exploded.

Amidst many many motherf*ers and far worse being shouted from my mouth I just lost patience. I don’t want to deal with this crap on my own.

I was pretty down about the whole situation all the while I was rushing at the same time to meet my friend A to take the 9:30am spin class at our gym.

I went into the spin class pretty livid and frustrated. I have to say, it helped. My anger slowly turned into an action plan with every painful hill we climbed. Everything isn’t solved and all peachy, but at least I feel less “I’m not dealing with this” and more “Even though this sucks, I have to deal with it and here’s how”.

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