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Our plan Friday night was to go home and veg and that didn’t quite happen. As I walked to the train I ran into the Husband’s best friend’s wife who mentioned she and her husband (who also happen to live a few miles from us) were around that night and wondering if we wanted to do dinner. We ended up going to this delicious small Italian restaurant near our homes that is BYOB. 4 hours, a ton of pasta, 3 bottles of wine, and frozen yogurt filled with toppings by a tipsy person (me), we were back at home. It was a super fun night, full of giggle fits. It felt like for the first time in weeks that I was really letting go. I swear the New England winter this year really got me down, and that all just seemed to disappear on Friday night.

Saturday morning I headed over to my friend’s new condo for brunch with a few girls from college. One, who now lives in New York, is 5 months pregnant so it was fun to see her and ask her all sorts of inappropriate and awkward pregnant questions that she willing answered over a delicious egg casserole. I won’t lie, my baby fever hit hard after talking with her. She’s having a great pregnancy, aside from being a little tired the first trimester, she’s glowing, happy, excited, gained maybe 8lbs (I swear just in her chest) and just sounds so happy and thankful to be pregnant.

Saturday afternoon the Husband and I drove about 35 minutes with Bentley to a dog park that we heard rave reviews about. We normally steer clear of dog parks, at least the smaller fenced in kinds, and stick to hiking trails that allow dogs. This one though is a huge open hill area, with a short loop around it, surrounded by water. It was wonderful. It must have been 60 degrees and sunny, and we just walked around as Bentley played with all sorts of dogs (except small ones… when really small dogs bark or snarl at him he whines and runs away). He made besties with a great dane the size of a horse and a pitbull and I made besties with a 7lb cavalier puppy and a 5 month old golden puppy that just wanted to rub against my legs. We even got Bentley to try out the water for the first time and it was far more successful than I imagined. He didn’t swim per say, but he loved racing around in and out of the water and a few times we tricked him by throwing rocks into the water. We all left covered in mud, smiling and on a vitamin D high.




Post beach day.

Post beach day.

Sunday morning I was up early, running around to CVS looking for tape and more wrapping paper as the bridal shower gift I got was HUGE and I was having a hell of a time wrapping it. Around 11 I was off, and spent a good deal of the afternoon at the shower. To be honest, it’s not my favorite thing to spend a day at a bridal shower, especially when I only knew 3 people there, but I sat with my Mother-in-Law and chatted for a while and played along with games and present opening and made the best of it.


I was home sometime after 4 and the husband and I ordered take-out (someone take away the pasta from me, please!) and proceeded to watch a marathon of the walking dead episodes. It was so nice to sit on the couch with the windows open, fresh air blowing in, Bentley snoozing at our feet and just relaxing. Somewhere in there too I made one hell of a chocolate chip ice cream sandwich. I should have gotten into bed early, but oh well, we stayed up to finish season 3 until almost midnight. It was worth it!


I actually feel refreshed today. Happy. Excited. And SO THANKFUL that it’s warm and sunny.

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I found out yesterday after donating blood for the first time that I’m blood type B+. I couldn’t remember if that was rare or not so I did a little research. In addition to finding out that only 9% of the population has my blood type (and most of them are found in Asia, interesting) I also found out that like astrological signs, some cultures believe that your blood can describe you.

Best traits: Wild, active, doer, creative, passionate, strong

Normally I would describe myself as a doer, active and passionate. However, lately, I’m in a slump. A major slump.

This morning I was reading today’s blog entries, like PBF and I’m an Okie, and realized how many people are out there changing their situations. There’s really no reason to settle or stay unhappy because the truth is, you control your own happiness.

So May might have been a wash on the goals – if I even had them. I ate out more often times than not, I worked out less and less (aside from a 5 mile race (walk/run this past weekend) with bronchitis, and I didn’t schedule nights to myself which caused lots of overwhelming freak-outs.

In fact, May almost seems like a blur, while I remember there were good points, it doesn’t stand out. I just feel like I’m floating through each day only to wake up and do the same thing again.

I want June to be about enjoying life. Enjoying the start of a new month, the spring/summer, my family, friends, hobbies, etc. Having so many goals and expectations recently has almost become stressful and truthfully, a lot less fun. I spent more time stressed and feeling guilty than I did enjoying activities.

I’m not throwing caution to the wind, but instead I’m putting fewer restrictions on myself.

So here’s to a HAPPY JUNE! 🙂

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