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Umm life has been crazy.

Family/friend trips to Buffalo and Baltimore. Work trips to New York. Last minute emergency surgery for my Mom who’s retina detached and is still recovering. Sad news about my Grandmother’s dementia and her permanent move into a home. And figuring out how to have a puppy and not give up our lives completely.

We’ve started to nail down a routine. And family emergencies have hopefully stopped for now. And travelling isn’t going to happen until Thanksgiving, thank God. And Bentley is finally sleeping (most nights) for 6-7 hours straight without any wake-ups and we’ve hired a dog walker to help us through puppy stages.

Anyway, back in March I requested the first week in November off and the Husband and I had planned to head to Arizona. That isn’t happening since we just don’t want to leave the puppy for a full week after only having him for just over a month. Instead, the Husband will be working some, and I’ll have my very own staycation.

And here’s what I want to do…

  • One night of NOTHING. Pure coach potato nothing. I want to eat dinner with the Husband, put Bentley to bed and watch Dexter all night long without having to move.
  • Take Bentley to puppy kindergarten (first class went well), on some reservation walks, and get some quality time with him that I don’t always get when I’m at work.
  • Go outlet shopping for a few hours, by myself, and find some new winter work clothes and boots.
  • Get up early because I want to, before the Husband and Bentley are awake, and drink coffee while the sun rises.
  • Sleep in one morning. And by sleeping in, I mean 7:00am. Yes that is in fact sleeping in these days.
  • Take a nap. Bentley naps, so Mommy gets to nap too.
  • Go to bed one night before 10pm. And sleep and sleep and sleep.
  • Get a pedicure.
  • Visit my in-laws.
  • Go on a date with my Husband.
  • Write my damn wedding thank yous.
  • Order some wedding pictures.
  • Think about doing something nice for the Husband for our one year anniversary which is coming up in just over a month.
  • See my best friend J and finally get a few hours of true catch-up.
  • Plan some date time with friends. I miss them.
  • Workout without feeling guilty. Go on a run and for a few swims.
  • Bake something delicious and Fall-like.

That’s it. For one blissful week, I just want these simple little things.

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