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The electrical wiring in my 4th floor apartment is old. If I try to run the hairdryer at the same time as the microwave, the power shuts off. And when the power shuts off, I have to run four flights down, and one long hallway over, to a dark dingy basement to flip the power back on.

Do you know where I’m going with this?

Yeah, an air conditioner won’t actually work in my apartment. It’s been 90+ degrees in Boston this week. Do you know what that makes it inside my apartment? 104 degrees. 😦

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The Townie and I spent this past weekend on the Cape. A weekend of long talks, great food, and many kisses ( 😉 )  was exactly what we needed.

Fish and chips, with a few clam fritters is a must on my first summer weekend. It was way too easy to be part of the clean plate club.

Saturday afternoon was ice cream, a mini golf game and then real a bucket of balls at the driving range. I won in mini golf before he showed off his 250 yard driving skills in golf. 

As soon as I saw this sign from the street I knew the weekend couldn’t go by without trying the famous Marylou’s. The girl working there explained that they actually dissolve whipped cream into some of the specialty iced coffees (hence why I now consider it crack coffee). I got a small White Chocolate iced coffee and it was delicious.

I'd buy this iced coffee daily if it were closer


Wine, Stubb marinated and grilled steak tips, grilled veggie skewers and breadcrumb mac n cheese made for one ideal dinner.  
I think I have a new favorite grill master. 😉   

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