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I don’t know where I heard or read that quote recently, but it is so true. How on earth is it October?

Life at the end of last week became a little chaotic. My grandmother had a stroke. I immediately thought the worst, but thankfully after a few days in a neuro psych ward, she’s been moved to a rehab facility. I also spoke with her on the phone, and for an 87-year-old, she was actually pretty with it. Good progress, that’s all I ask.

Anyway, I spent a lot of September feeling like I just had to get through it. Get through the crazy wedding season, get through the ridiculous amount of plans and obligations. It was kind of a sad mentality now that I think about it. I don’t ever want to wish away or just get through days.

So October is going to be about enjoying each day. Spending time doing things with people I love. I’ve got lots already planned this month, during my favorite season everrrr, and I can’t wait.

Let’s start with October 1. Yesterday morning before I left for work I put all the fixings for beef stew into the crockpot, set it on low and left.

Right from the train station after work I went swimming. It’s funny, sometimes I think I’m bored while swimming and then a few laps in I zone out, and by the end I’m solving all my problems. I got out of the pool after half a mile and was immediately ravenous and exhausted. I forgot how much swimming takes out of me. It’s a nice change right now to my workout routine though because in the last few weeks I’ve felt so unmotivated.

By the time I walked in the door around 7:15 I was beyond thrilled to have delicious beef stew waiting. I’ve decided I need to make a crockpot recipe each week.

I then forced myself to spend about an hour and a half puppy-proofing (cleaning, moving, unpacking) things in our bedroom loft area. By 9:30pm my body was aching and I sat down and watched the Voice. It’s a show I used to hate, but somehow I am completed sucked into the blind auditions this year.

Got to see the husband for about 5 minutes after he came in, showered, and left for work.

All in all, minus missing the husband, my first day of October was pretty damn good.

Today I forced myself out of bed at 5:50am (getting really painful as it gets darker and the fact that I’m somehow not in bed until 11 each night) and went in for an hour of strength training at the gym. Tonight I’m really looking forward to spending the evening with the Husband and eating more beef stew. Simple and perfect.

This weekend I head to Buffalo where I get to spend time with some of my favorite college girls and finally meet one of their sons for the first time. I don’t even care what we do, I’m just so excited to hang out and talk all weekend.

Sunday the Hubby will be picking me up from the airport and we head to have a bbq with friends and watch some football. I have an inkling we may find out the gender of one of our friend’s babies at this gathering which makes it even more exciting.

And on Monday…we pick up Bentley! I took off Monday and Tuesday to ensure I can spend all day with him. Going forward I’ll still be working from home on Thursdays, the Husband will be home all day with him and I imagine our schedules will change a bit as we figure out what works best for us as a family. Seriously, I.can’t.wait.

I can’t explain in words how I’ve been feeling lately but let me try. Out of nowhere, I started to just feel really content. Like, less anxious, less controlling, less jealous, less worried about things. This underlying calm feeling of I’m going to do what makes me happy, spend quality time with people, eat delicious food including treats, workout when I’m motivated and when I’m not I may miss a couple of days, and that’s OK. Everything is, and everything will be OK. Maybe it’s a post for another time.

Anyway, I have a feeling October is going to be a really good month.

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A Friday night spent eating dinner and relaxing on the couch with the Husband.

A Saturday morning swimming ¼ mile (16 laps) for the first time in years. I just zoned out and swam and it was amazing. (As sore as my arms are now, still so worth it.)


A Saturday afternoon shopping and driving around with the husband.

A Saturday late night dinner with my best friend, her husband, and my husband. Eating absurdly delicious food.

Shrimp scampi and braised veal in a port wine and mushroom sauce

A Sunday spent with my best friend, walking through an apple farm, eating a hot out of the oven apple cider donut, then having a “cooking and sharing” day where we each made 2 dishes.


I made a ginormous sweet potato ground turkey shepherd’s pie and chicken sausage stuffed zucchini boats. She made a veggie and bean packed quinoa and an Afghani dish, Kaddo Bourani (pumpkin with yogurt and meat sauces) which is like lick your spoon a hundred time delicious. We made enough so that we both took about 4 portions of each meal. Meaning I went home with 16 portions of food (well more like 12 with the Husband’s portion size) meaning we don’t have to cook or eat out all week. I have got to spend my Sundays cooking more!


And finally… the happy news that is making me dance around today…after talking to a breeder a few weeks ago we thought we were set on waiting for the next litter and getting a boxer puppy. But after hearing about the incredibly sickening and awful tortured dog that was found in the town next to where the Husband works last week – we started looking at rescues. I (somewhat dumbly I guess) never knew how many dogs and puppies were out there needing to be adopted. As we looked through the pages upon pages of rescues we came across a lab/shepherd puppy “Michael” and the Husband and I were IN LOVE. We just HAD to take him home. After applications (approved) and talking with an adoption counselor (so much information on rescues and the transport/quarantine process) all that’s left is to schedule his arrival, and then at some point within the next 4 weeks we will be taking Bentley (formerly known as Michael) into our home. I can’t explain the excitement and happiness I’m feeling about the addition to our family right now.


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So I did it.

I completed my second triathlon. (You may recall my first triathlon last summer.)

The second triathlon wasn’t that bad physically.

Mentally…it was really hard.

Let’s start from the beginning:

Saturday at 4:30AM: The townie texts me to say good luck. Have I mentioned he is a police officer? He was on the overnight shift and clearly awake. My alarm had not gone off yet at this point. Sweet but I wanted to kill him 🙂

4:40AM: Alarm goes off. First thought that popped into my mind? Whyyyyy am I doing this? It’s pitch black and I could be peacefully sleeping not shaking from anxiety.

5:00AM: Get into car with friend to drive to state park.

5:15AM: Get an awesome spot with minimal walking to the transition area. 3 stops at the porter pottys needed by this point. (TMI, but it’s the truth!)

5:30AM: Shovel in peanut butter on a slice of bread and one banana. Hydrate with water diluted powerade.

5:45AM: Walk towards transition areas with bikes/gear. On the way in get body marked by 14-year-old boys. Pretty awkward to strip in front of them but oh well. One boy told me “you have a strong bike ma’am, you’ll be great!”  Hmm, thanks?

6:10AM: Transition area is all set up, bike is on the rail, ready to kill some time before heading towards the water. The bike setup is a little different because rather than just one long rail that has for example bib numbers 400-460, it actually has stickers with your exact bib number on your spot. Porter Potty trip times 94859485.

6:25AM: Head back into transition to drop keys & flip-flops. Notice my bike has been switched.

I used to set my bike up so that the handlebars were on the railing but lately it’s made me nervous that it messes with my gears. So I decided to put my seat on the railing like the picture below.


Apparently I originally set this up incorrectly. I had 90% of my bike not on my sticker side (so the handlebars and the front tire were on the opposite side, facing away from my sticker). When I came back into the transition area the officials actually flip-flopped my bike so that now it was still on the rail by the seat however the front wheel and handle bars were on my sticker side facing me.

This actually threw me off a little because I hadn’t set it up like that before. I learned something new!

6:45AM: Transition is closed, everyone heads down to the lake beach for the national anthem and such. 1400+ of us smushing together on the beach.

7:00AM: The first swim waves are starting. My age group (of 172 people!!!) wouldn’t be getting into the water until 7:25AM.

7:10AM: Repeating in my head that I’m here to have fun and get fit, it doesn’t have to be about winning. It’s at my own pace!

7:18AM: My heart rate is through the roof as I wait for the countdown for us to get into the water.

7:20AM: 172 women wadding deeper into the lake to start the swim. The distance looks a lot longer at this point.

7:22AM: Trying to swim but my heart rate is so high that every time I put my face into the water I feel like I’m out of breath and panting.

7:23AM: Pep talk with myself. Go slow and relax.

7:24AM: Slow breast-stroke with minimal face in the water time. This clearly slows me down but it keeps me moving. Every 30 seconds I flop onto my back for about 5 seconds to calm down.

7:34AM: Out of the water. (I only knew this time after as it ended up taking me 14 minutes to do the 1/3rd mile swim.) Run along the beach up to the transition area. See that there are wetsuit strippers which I’ve never seen before. I was told to lay on my butt and it one quick pull the guy had my full body wetsuit off. I screamed YOU ROCK and jogged to my bike.

7:37AM: Changed and running my bike out of the transition area. With a mix of others getting onto our bikes.

7:38AM: Turn right out of the park on the bike, celebrating the end of the swim and then I see the first part of the bike course. A big long gradual hill.

8:00AM: Moving steady on the bike and having fun. This isn’t so bad.

8:02AM: Heading straight down an even side road when I see what looks like two bikers on the ground. Ambulance noises are coming at this point. As I get closer I see him. More blood than I have ever seen before pouring from a guy’s head and side. Everyone is told to keep moving.

8:05AM: Crying. I’m going to be honest here, I cried for the at least the next 5 miles of the bike ride. I’ve never seen someone hurt like that in real life. I’ve never thought about how dangerous triathlons can be and really how mortal we all are. From the amount of blood and his eyes being closed, I assumed the worst. I slowed my bike pace down quite a bit at this point because it just made me realize that nothing is worth getting that hurt.

8:40AM: Bike is over. 15 miles DONE and I did it without getting hurt. I hopped off my bike at the dismounting line and was very disoriented by how wobbly my legs felt. This is why I should have trained with brick sessions like last year. 

8:42AM: Choked down a Clif shot blok and jogged out of the transition area. I’m not physically that tired at this point, but I have to pee (why does this always happen to me?) and I can’t stop thinking about the man who fell.

8:55AM: I’m walking parts of the run. I don’t know why, I know I could push myself but my legs feel like 2,000lbs. Turns out I was jog/walking 11:40/mi at this point.

9:05ishAM: Realize this is ridiculous, it’s time to at least jog. Jog and sprint the last 1.5 miles into the finish. I sprinted so hard at the very end that a guy actually yelled “Awesome finish!!!” 8:56/mi average for that last 1.5miles! 🙂

9:25AM: It’s over. I did it. I don’t feel that tired or sore, I’m just happy and taking pictures with my friend and her family and thinking about how much I want ice cream.

And that was my day. I’ll have to write part 2 about the rest of the day, and then watching the half-ironman on Sunday. Crazy people those half-ironmen and women are.

I also haven’t been able to find anything about the guy who got hurt so I hope that means he is OK now.  I’m so grateful to have finished and finished safely.

I’ve got another Tri coming up in September. This one is shorter distances and all women. I know exactly how I need to train over the next month. 🙂

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At the end of last summer I completed my first triathlon. I’ve said it so many times before – it was such an amazing, positive, and incredible accomplishment. I felt on top of the world.

Now I have a triathlon in 5 days. I haven’t been training like I did for almost 15 weeks last year. Instead I’ve been eating, and drinking, and enjoying myself…maybe a little too much. Don’t get me wrong, this has been an amazing summer and I’ve loved it. But I wish I had gotten my butt in gear earlier.

So maybe I’ve been swimming less than 10 times in the past few months. And I’ve totalled 6 spin classes. And I can’t seem to run a 5k. I do these tris for fun and for fitness. I might be the last person crossing that finish line, but I will cross it, with a big friggan smile on my face.

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This past weekend was a fun one, but in some ways it was a roller coaster of emotions.

Early in the week the Townie and I bought movie tickets online to see Friday’s showing of Bad Teacher.  Once we got to the theater we found out that Harry Potter had taken over all of the theaters and our movie had been cancelled. We ended up getting a refund AND a pair of free tickets to see a movie any time we want. Score.

Since the movie was cancelled the Townie and I headed to Target. I’m sponsoring a 5-year-old little girl going into Kindergarten so I needed to pick up a backpack, lunch bag, folders, crayons, etc. My favorite part of school was always the back-to-school shopping so it was really fun. Even though it was a mundane, silly little Friday night – the Townie and I both agreed we had so much fun together.

Saturday morning we headed to a diner for breakfast and then I asked if he would be interested in taking a walk through my area so I could take pictures with my Canon Rebel that has been sitting in its box for months.

The Townie then headed home to an engagement party and I attempted a quick run (a painful 2 miler) before I headed to my friend’s goodbye party. (She’s moving to Canada 😦 )

After a few hours there, I rushed home, showered and got ready for the Townie to pick me up. His sister had her bridal shower earlier that day and wanted us to stop by for a drink and the whole crowd from the engagement party he attended was planning on going out in Boston so we were meeting up with them.

We had a quick drink at his sister’s where she had about 25 people over. It’s been nice getting to know his sister since with B, I was so close to his sister. After we went to meet up with his friends. While I like the Townie’s friends a few of their girlfriends/fiances/wives aren’t exactly the nicest girls. The Townie is my age (26) so the significant others of his friends are all around my age but they seem pretty immature. But a few of them are miserable. I give people the benefit of the doubt, and I’ll be nothing but nice, but they can be really catty, mean, insecure and the opposite of welcoming with a new person in “the group”.

I’m trying my hardest not to let those girls get to me, but I haven’t dealt with “mean girls” in a long time. I just don’t have the patience for it. The rest of the night was fun, mostly because I was dancing around with the Townie (I danced he swayed) before we headed home where I devoured two slices of pizza that were bigger than my head.

Sunday morning I woke up feeling hung over. Too much sun, too much sugar, and way too much prosecco and vodka was not a good combination. I stayed in bed until 12:30pm when I had to go meet my friend S to swim for the first time in months.

As painful and uncomfortable as I felt, the swim somehow made me feel a bit better. Maybe the chlorine soaked up the alcohol. 😉 After a good amount of laps, we got on spin bikes for about 15 minutes before I spent a good 20 minutes stretching.

I got home in the afternoon with lots of plans to clean and organize my life. The hangover won. I napped on and off for a few hours, watched tv, and was back into bed early. I decided this morning that at least until training, I need to take a bit of a break from drinking. A glass of wine here and there is fine, but nights like Saturday night really left me useless yesterday. It also seems to mess with my mood a bit making me sensitive, depressed and lazy.

Today though, is the start to a good week. 🙂

*all of these photos were taken by me 🙂

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One of my biggest pain points for tri training is swimming. And it’s not the actual swimming part that’s the issue. I actually love the feeling of getting into the pool and zoning out, doing laps in the cool water. [I say this even though I haven’t swam since my last tri…yeah that was August 2010.]

But I very much dislike swimming trying to swim at my gym. 3 tiny lanes are always overcrowded – no matter what hours I try to go. People immediately try to cram 3 swimmers into one lane which is fine except when you’re forced to go faster or slower than your body is telling you to because someone is wacking their hands down on your feet or your face is colliding into someone’s feet.

But today’s Groupon made me HAPPY.

25 visits to any local YMCA that I choose for $25. I jumped on that deal. With designated lap and open lanes and an actual olympic size pool with hours from 7am to 9:45pm I have no excuse but to get my swim in.

Ha, I wish this was where I was swimming.

Anyway, it’s actually easier to go later at night with my schedule and I can easily drive and park there to do so. Now it’s time to squeeze myself back into the oh-so-flattering full piece…

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Here is a recap of many of my thoughts, feelings, and overall emotional experience during my first ever triathlon.

First things first, my results:

 Sorry it’s a bit fuzzy. My swim time is 11:16, my bike is 58:39 and my 5k is 33:27 (<–that killed me).

I am not disappointed in my results. For one, I honestly went in with no expectations of what my results would be. I knew no matter what I’d leave thinking I could have done better so instead of caring about that, I wanted to go in with the mentality that it’s my first triathlon and I might make mistakes but I need to have fun.

Pre-Race/Transition set-up:
The morning of the race my friend and I woke up at 5:30am. I had a fitful sleep due to nerves. I woke up and sorry for the TMI here but immediately had stomach issues. After dealing with that we were in my car and heading to the bike drop-off by 5:50am. (I made sure to pack up everything I could the night before so I just had to get up, put on clothing, brush my teeth and put my contacts in.) I knew after dropping our bikes off and parking we’d have a significant amount of time with setting up our transition areas and getting marked to be able to eat and drink.

We dropped our bikes off at a drop off area and thinking that we’d need to park far away and grab the shuttle we were racing around. Turns out we were able to snag parking down the street from the tri area. Score! We headed back and grabbed our bikes to set up the transition areas.

I’m not going to lie, I kept looking around to see what other people were doing. I wasn’t sure if my bike had to be in a very specific spot (there was a metal long rack for about 6 numbers and I realized after looking around you can put your bike anywhere on that section). So I put my bike on the rack, pulled out my hand towel and set that down to the right of my bike. On top of that I put my helmet with my sunglasses in it, my sneakers with socks in them, an open powerbar, an open pack of Cliff block shots, an open pack of tissues, and another hand towel for wiping my feet. I also put my shirt (with my race number pinned on on my bike seat). I didn’t want to put too much on my actual bike for fear it’d get knocked off with people running in and out of the area. It only took me about 3 minutes to set up the area so I continued to look around wondering why people were spending 15 minutes organizing stuff. I noticed one woman with a gallon of water by her bike (a gallon?!) and another with an entire duffel bag taking off a ridiculous amount of space.

I left the transition area and got marked (this made me feel official!) and grabbed my ankle chip. The ankle chip was this little velcro ankle band that I feared losing the whole race.

We then headed to the beach where they did some announcements. At this point I was a tad worried about my car keys. I realized that my family/friends might not be there early enough to grab them so I needed to get them back into the transition area before the Olympic folks got started. As I was racing into the transition area I heard people screaming. Behind the spectator section of my bike rack was My Mom, my younger sister and my aunt & uncle. I can’t tell you how nice it felt to see people I knew and to feel supported before the race started. I started to tear up as I saw them and tossed them my keys. I then ran around the outside area and gave them quick hugs.

I went back to the beach and ate an Arnold’s sandwich thin with barney crunch almond butter and a medium-sized organic banana. I was also downing water because I knew the swim would dehydrate me (as did my stomach issues earlier in the morning).

And then the Olympic swimmers were off. 250 at once, what a sight! I was in wave 5 of the Sprint racers so I was in the final wave group. Everything was going as planned on time so not too long after 8am (about 3 minutes between each wave) my wave group got ready to go into the water.

My final thoughts? Have fun. I’m not kidding. I truly let myself try to relax and thought it doesn’t matter how you do, just focus on the fact that you’re doing it and have fun.

The Swim:

This was an ocean swim. And not just any ocean, it was cold and really choppy. I wasn’t expecting this since my open water swims in the lakes have little to no waves. We actually had to run into the water, swim out to the first buoy, go around it, swim parallel to the beach to go around that buoy, back into the sand, run up the sand and stairs into our transition areas.

Nothing can prepare you for how the first few seconds of the swim feel. I felt like I was drowning. People were hitting into me (although very graciously as they did say sorry). People were swimming over me which really did pull me under. There was just this giant clump of us clambering into each other as waves crashed into our faces. I couldn’t swim my normal stroke because between the waves and the people when I tried to get my head up I choked on water. When I got to the first buoy I thought, holy shit I’m really tired and I’m not moving fast.

I panicked a little. I still had a good portion of the swim left and when I tried to freestyle I was hardly moving. Then I saw a girl who was doing the backstroke. Genius! I turned over and did the backstroke. Now I’m sure there are many reasons for not doing the backstroke but I’ll tell you – I was moving twice as fast as when I was doing freestyle and I was keeping up with other swimmers who were swimming freestyle. Plus I felt relaxed as I was getting ample air and easily floating. I tried a couple of times to flip back over and swim normally but that just wasn’t working. I ended up doing the backstroke for at least 2/3rds of the swim! Once I got close enough to shore I actually rode a wave in! I ended up riding it on top of another woman and felt really bad but I said I was sorry and kept moving. Ooops.

Once on the sand I felt a tiny bit disoriented. I easily pulled my wetsuit partially down (I just had a sports bra on and the wick dance shorts I was going to wear for the race). I took off my swim cap and goggles and started moving up the beach. I wanted to run but I felt a little drained and did somewhat of a jog walk.

As I approached the stairs area I saw a familiar face scanning the crowd. As I got to the stairs he looked down for a split second and that’s when I called his name. “Benny!” And he looked up. I gave him a big smile and he gave me a big cheer and I ran towards my transition area. It was a nice feeling to see him there.

As I neared my transition area I saw my friend S in her bike area (who was also doing the race) and already had her shirt on. She is a much stronger swimmer and was about to leave for the bike ride. My family was cheering which felt amazing. I quickly ripped off my wetsuit, dried my feet, blew my nose, put on my socks and sneakers, my shirt and then my sunglasses and snapped my helmet. I looked around for a second like, wait am I forgetting something? No ok keep going! I grabbed my bike and two cliff shot blocks (I originally planned on eating the power bar but  I wasn’t hungry and was told if I force something down it’d come back up). And I ran my bike out to the bike mount area.

The Bike:

The bike ride was actually the part I was most nervous about. It turned out the course wasn’t the course I tried to practice the weekend before. It was full of sharp turns and a few downhill turns. Most bikers probably love downhills but I tend to brake a  lot on them. I prefer uphill or flats when I can just push without fear of flying off.

I got to the mounting area and it took me a second to get on and get my feet into the cages. Once I was in and off I realized, I did it, I finished part one!

The first few minutes of the bike leg were a bit difficult as there were quite  a few of us and I was nervous about passing and when to pass. After the first mile I realized my stride and was able to pass a couple of bikers! I was also getting passed but most people smartly yelled out they were passing and I tried to get over right as much as possible to make it easier for them. I eventually came upon my friend S and gave her a cheer as I passed her.

I biked a fast pace but to be honest I know I could have pushed harder. The one bad part about not really knowing the course was that they didn’t put up any mile markers. I  had no idea how far I’d gone or how much I had left. I was too nervous to push too hard because I didn’t want to get too tired or not be able to do the run.

I ended up really enjoying the bike ride. At parts I wasn’t that close to other bikers, it was beautiful, calm and just fun. At points I honestly forgot I was racing and it just felt like I was riding my bike through Maine. I started to grow a serious appreciation for my bike at this point. I was comfortable, at ease, and just so thankful I had a great bike for the experience. I was able to take 3 long drinks out of my water bottle too!

As I got to the final intersection I heard an enormous cheer. There stood my two best friends from childhood and my 3 of my Boston girlfriends (and one husband). There were SO loud and I immediately started laughing as I rode by.

I got down to the end of the bike ride and honestly thought to myself, whoa that went by quickly! I tried to lower the gears to let my legs loosen up. I had to dismount my bike before the transition area and my legs felt wobbly! I jogged my bike to my rack (I probably jogged zig zags) and put my bike back. Because I already had my socks and sneakers on all I had to do was take my helmet and sunglasses off. I felt like I was forgetting something so I grabbed two more cliff shot blocks and squirted water in my mouth and on my face. (Mistake: I squirted myself in the eye – ouch.) So I shoveled the shot blocks in (gag) and then started to jog out to the cheers of my family and Benny who stood a little further down from them.

The Run:

This turned out to be the hardest part of all. I had to pee so so badly. I thought it wouldn’t matter and I could make it through but after jogging the initial minute I really started to wonder what I was going to do. I took a walking break for a little (in truth I know I could have pushed and run this and here is where I think I should have let my competitive side take over instead of letting myself walk so much).

I started to jog again once we had to pass a spectator section and that’s where I saw the bachelor. He cheered for me, asked how I was feeling and told me to “go, go, go!” I jogged over the hill and then walked again. This is where I started to think, I might have to pee myself. I saw my large friend group in the distance so I knew I had to jog again. I continued to jog past them where they screamed and shouted and I thought, omg I’m tired and I have so much more to go.

The rest of the run was a bit of a blur. Honestly, I’d say I walked half of it. I’m not exaggerating when I say that. A number of people were so encouraging and came by and said really nice supportive things to get my going. Twice when I started to run again I started to pee. (Sorry TMI, but it’s something I’ll have to plan for next time!)

Again, there were NO mile makers and while the volunteers were the most amazingly/supportive people they didn’t know how much longer either! Once I hit the beach street though I knew there wasn’t long to go and that I had to keep jogging.

Then I saw it, the blue fences into the finish line. I started running hard. This is where I passed about 6 people jogging into the finish. (I think this is when I realized how much more I had to give but wasn’t giving in the run.) I finished with everyone I love screaming and cheering and a huge smile on my face. (A volunteer approached me much later and said he thought it was wonderful I crossed the finish line with such a big smile on my face.)

The Finish:

I couldn’t believe it when I was done. It felt surreal. I didn’t feel that tired. I felt like I normally do at the end of the spin class. I grabbed a Gatorade and an ice pop and my younger sister came running over. I immediately gave her a big sweaty hug. Then I saw Benny standing on a hill again scanning for me. I walked up to him and gave him a big hug. (I haven’t seen him since camping.) I figured he’d then want to bail but he asked to come say hi to everyone. We walked over and I gave hugs to all my family and friends, took many pictures (which I’ll have to get) and I recapped so many of my thoughts and feelings.

In some ways it felt strange to have so many people standing around wanting to talk just to me. I felt a little thrown off being the center of attention and struggled to make sure everyone knew how much it meant to have them there.  Because it really, really meant so much to me to have such a supportive group standing there at the end. I cried. Haha.

Final thoughts:

I think this will have to be another post since this was turned out so long! But the strange part? I’m not really sore today. My neck is sore (I don’t really know why? Tension?) but the rest of me doesn’t feel bad at all!

One thing is for sure… when can I do my next tri?!

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