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Ok, it may be a result of being pretty cooped up this weekend but I am antsy for a change or something to focus on.

I can’t put my finger on what it is…a fitness goal? A career change? A pet? I don’t know!

I just know that I’m really in need of *something* because right now I feel bored and unfulfilled.

Sadly I can’t get a pet. I’m dying to get a dog but my studio apartment does not allow it. And in order to save up a good amount of money I’m going to be in this apartment for another year to 16 months and then I can get a nice 1 bedroom and a dog.

Then there’s running (road races) or tri training. But it’s just not the same during the New England winter.

I’m looking at every angle right now. Trying to find a book club, a cooking class, a new fitness class, a career class…something! 

I’m not used to feeling so restless, so purposeless?

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9:30am spin class?



Healthy breakfast?



Flight booked to VEGAS for the first weekend in February with two childhood best friends? CHECK!

Time to go concur a whole list of things I’ve been putting off for the last year. Like I said, this is going to be my year!

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Okay so this post may be a jumble but that’s what my brain is like now anyway!

First, it snowed buckets today, literally. There’s about 25+ inches where I am in New York and that made commuting into my NYC office impossible. I had a rather stressful day working from my Mom’s home. The anxiety is finally fading a bit and that’s all helped by my to do list.

Never underestimate the to do list. At about 1pm this afternoon I almost felt like I was having an anxiety attack. I just had too much to even imagine doing before being out of the office for almost two weeks and travelling all over South America.

Just writing out my to do’s helped. It eased me to see everything I needed to do and realize it wasn’t 1,000 large things – it was about 20 small things that I slowly have crossed off my life. I have two remaining work things to do, and 1 personal, and then I’m done for the night.

And tomorrow I will be leaving for my South America journey. A few big things on my mind that I’ll be thinking about while I’m away:

1. Physically I don’t feel great. I’ve been eating sugar up the wazoo and sure the scale is up 6lbs but the worst part is that I feel it.  However, I’ll be hiking or biking daily on this trip so I plan on kicking my exercise appetite right back into gear!

2. Work.  I just don’t know what I want. But I need to start thinking about it and not just letting day by day go by.

3. B. Well in this case, I won’t be thinking about him. We haven’t talked – not a text, email, call, (well we glanced a each other at the 5k) etc in 11 days. I won’t have any access to phone/email while I’m away so in a few days it will mark the longest we have ever gone not speaking in 3.5 years. But that is OK. I feel OK about it. When I return I have to give him back his gear and my heart and head tells me that this break was meant to happen.

4. What are my year’s goals? Fitness? Relationships? Work? Hobbies? Challenges for myself?

And of course, I’ll be letting myself relax and enjoy this insane trip!!!

Happy & Safe new year to all, I’ll be posting many pictures, updates and hopefully some epiphany moments when I get back 🙂

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We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell

I really need to be productive today…but…I can’t help getting into the Christmas spirit!

All I want to do is drink hot coffee, read my favorite food blogs, and then get myself packed and home to NY with my family!

I mention goals a lot on this blog. I’m very goal oriented. I think I actually love working towards a goal more than the end result if that makes sense.

Anyway, since the year is coming to an end that means it’s GOAL TIME!

I have a ton of large goals in mind but I know I really need to write them out more specifically to be able to achieve them.

I’m excited about the upcoming year. I’m ready to make it MY year – a year of health and happiness.

Time for another cup of coffee and maybe time to start thinking of some goals! 🙂

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Counting sheep

You know what’s frustrating? When your body feels tired, your mind is tired, and all you want to do is crawl into bed and snuggle under your covers and fall asleep.

But then you get under your covers and you’re hot. And you just can’t get comfortable. And that frigid 5k you ran this morning is causing your legs to cramp up a bit. And that fried chicken sandwich you ate at Cheesecake Factory for dinner is sitting heavy in your stomach and has caused a slight headache.

And you toss and turn and tell yourself, “Okay if I fall asleep now, I’ll get 7 hours asleep”…”Oookay, if I fall asleep now I’ll get 6 hours of sleep”…

That’s what’s happening tonight. At 8pm I felt exhausted. I was so excited to call it an early night since this week is going to be beyond tough at work (jealous of all those quiet places) and when I got into bed at 9pm the ability to sleep quickly disappeared.

Instead of sleep, I’m now writing lists in my head.

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I’ve noticed in the blog world, and in the real world actually, that everyone dislikes Tuesdays. I’m not sure if it’s because Mondays are hard enough after the weekend and maybe Tuesdays still feel like the beginning of a long week.

I love Tuesdays. In fact now they are one of my favorite weekdays. Once I stopped taking night classes it was so much fun to have Tuesday nights “open”. I’ve tried stay away from having  a set activity after work on that day.

Instead Tuesday has become my whatever I’m in the mood for and makes me happy night.

Sometimes that’s meeting up for a manicure and pad thai with a friend. Sometimes it’s a little shopping. Most times it’s a quick run and then coming home and sitting on my couch and watching the Biggest Loser with a big bag of popcorn.

The trick is now on Tuesday mornings, I’m so excited that that night I can do whatever makes me happy that it just seems like an easy breezy day. And it makes Mondays feel even better since I know as I’m getting ready for another week of work that I have Tuesday night off from everything else going on in my life. That Tuesday night is mine.

Is it Tuesday yet? 🙂

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What a crazy few days. My weekend was mainly consumed by work and exhaustion but it sure did have the perfect ending; cooking dinner and dessert with 3 of my girlfriends. We made shrimp and chicken red curry over jasmine rice and then baked phyllo and pumpkin pie filling for dessert. Totally the perfect dinner to end that weekend and the company was even better.

Yesterday started the day of changes. For one I walked to work since our new office is just over a mile away and in an awkward enough position that taking public transportation would likely take longer. It was strange to eat my breakfast at home but at the same time it was nice. I made yummy oatmeal mixed with dark chocolate peanut butter and drank my coffee while reading through all the posts in my Google reader. After getting into the office I felt really awake and ready for the day. I think (aside from down pouring and crazy wind storms) I’ll enjoy walking to work.

Upon arriving I found the coolest welcome package on my desk. Our new office is near so many shops and stores they gave all of the firm’s employees varying coupons, gift cards, a bottle of wine, and even soft coolers!

The overall feel of the new office is very IKEA-like but I like the clean, open, and bright feeling. Already my director has mentioned getting partitions in certain places because the lack of privacy will really take a toll on people’s work. (Yay!)

Since Sunday morning though I’ll be honest I have been in a bit of a funk. Usually I can pin point my funks to a degree and this one I’m guessing is a combination of many things. The weather (it’s been rainy, windy and dark for at least 4 days now), extra hours of working, the “fight” I had with my Mom yesterday, the lack of exercising and the overeating of pure crap. (Like the cheeseburger and fries, brownies, cookies, and 3 slices of pizza I ate while working a 12 hour shift.)

I also did something on Sunday that I know was a mistake. When I woke up I decided to weigh-myself. I know the scale shouldn’t matter. But on Sunday morning it said 10lbs heavier than my lowest weight during Tri training. 😦 Sure some is a result of the mass amount of sodium and water but a few of those lbs I’m also feeling. And it doesn’t feel good. I wish this didn’t upset me as much as it did but it definitely made me reflect on my eating habits and lack of working out post Tri.

Add all of the above with the crazy hectic schedule that makes it feel like the days are just bleeding into each other without a break and I’m in a funk.

Today at least I’m a little more out of the rut. For one I finally got myself to the eye doctor and I can SEE. For another I have been incredibly productive at work today and while I was upset because I forgot the awesome lunch I made myself (apple chicken sausage, roasted cinnamon squash cubes and asparagus) I got a really good veggie sandwich with one of my free coupons.

Tonight I’m walking to the gym (1.5miles) then plan on running for about 3 miles to start prepping for my 10k on Monday. Then instead of racing home to watch Biggest Loser I’m actually meeting a friend for a Panera (awesome comfy chairs in front of the fireplace) catch-up date. Hopefully the combination of exercise and good company will pull me further out of this dreary funk. 🙂

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