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Our hotel


36 hours in Vegas was just enough for me. I had a blast, mainly because I spent the weekend with my two childhood best friends.


Happy Chinese New Year


Year of the Rabbit


The Belaggio


The Venetian




Lots of Jellies in the Mandalay Bay


UFC 126 - Silva v. Belfort











Ate a slice of pizza in New York, New York


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Did I mention I’m heading somewhere fun this weekend? See ya!

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I have 438 unread blog posts in my Google reader. I have 117 work emails waiting for me. I have over 250 Gmail emails.

But I’m in a really good place. That trip was unlike anything I expected. And it gave me everything I needed. And most of all it reminded me of ME. 2011 is going to be one amazing year.

Here are a few pics of my trip. Many stories to follow 😉

Bariloche, Argentina










Bike ride day 1 - On the right


Pompa Linda (Mt. Tronador), Argentina




On top Mt. Tronador



Bike ride through the canyon

Bike ride through the canyon


San de martin de los andes


Heading into Chile


No man's land - between Argentina and Chile


Pucon, Chile

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Okay so this post may be a jumble but that’s what my brain is like now anyway!

First, it snowed buckets today, literally. There’s about 25+ inches where I am in New York and that made commuting into my NYC office impossible. I had a rather stressful day working from my Mom’s home. The anxiety is finally fading a bit and that’s all helped by my to do list.

Never underestimate the to do list. At about 1pm this afternoon I almost felt like I was having an anxiety attack. I just had too much to even imagine doing before being out of the office for almost two weeks and travelling all over South America.

Just writing out my to do’s helped. It eased me to see everything I needed to do and realize it wasn’t 1,000 large things – it was about 20 small things that I slowly have crossed off my life. I have two remaining work things to do, and 1 personal, and then I’m done for the night.

And tomorrow I will be leaving for my South America journey. A few big things on my mind that I’ll be thinking about while I’m away:

1. Physically I don’t feel great. I’ve been eating sugar up the wazoo and sure the scale is up 6lbs but the worst part is that I feel it.  However, I’ll be hiking or biking daily on this trip so I plan on kicking my exercise appetite right back into gear!

2. Work.  I just don’t know what I want. But I need to start thinking about it and not just letting day by day go by.

3. B. Well in this case, I won’t be thinking about him. We haven’t talked – not a text, email, call, (well we glanced a each other at the 5k) etc in 11 days. I won’t have any access to phone/email while I’m away so in a few days it will mark the longest we have ever gone not speaking in 3.5 years. But that is OK. I feel OK about it. When I return I have to give him back his gear and my heart and head tells me that this break was meant to happen.

4. What are my year’s goals? Fitness? Relationships? Work? Hobbies? Challenges for myself?

And of course, I’ll be letting myself relax and enjoy this insane trip!!!

Happy & Safe new year to all, I’ll be posting many pictures, updates and hopefully some epiphany moments when I get back 🙂

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NORTHERN PATAGONIA! I’m going I’m going I’m going!

I will be heading with my coworker to Argentina where we’ll hike, bike and white water raft our way on to Chile. Once in Chile we are planning to climb Villarrica Volcano. An ACTIVE Volcano. We’ll be outfitted with helmets and ice picks to do so.

This is definitely one of the biggest trips I have ever taken. It’s happening at the right time in my life and while money is now stressing me a little it’s worth it.

When else will I be able to take a trip like this?

Northern Patagonia region

First stop - Mt. Campanario, Argentina

The center of Villerica

Climbing Villarica

The center of villerica

The center of Villerica

The center of Villarica

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I hate going back on my word. But sometimes it has to happen.

This year after Christmas my family originally planned that My Mom, my younger sister, myself, my Aunt, Uncle and two cousins would all go to St. Thomas together. As the time got closer the flights got more and more expensive and my Mom said she and my younger sister just couldn’t do it this year. And then my cousin invited her boyfriend which switched around the ability for that many of us to come anyway. (Because of how small the place was.)

Anyway, even with all of that I said I’d still go. I’d fork out the $1200 for the flight (insane) and go to be with some of my family and spend New Year’s there.

And then something incredible and out of nowhere happened.

A girl I work with and I happened across an opportunity to go to either Thailand, Patagonia or Tanzania for 7-10 days. The same days I would have gone to St. Thomas and asked if I’d be interested.

This isn’t just some trip. This would be the trip of a lifetime. An opportunity at a reduced-cost to hike, bike and travel through one of these countries. Everything in me says I need to take advantage of this adventure.

I told one of my cousins who said she was sad but completely understood. Then I told my other cousin (the one who invited her bf) today. She is livid.

It’s especially hard because if this was reversed I would be really sad she wasn’t coming, but I’d understand. It’s potentially a trip to AFRICA. I mean, how often does that opportunity come up?

I’m trying so hard to tell her that I would never give up spending the time with them unless it was something that I knew would be a once in a lifetime chance. But she’s so angry and right now she’s lashing out at me.

It feels unfair. I feel horrible for hurting her (and I said that) but it just feels like right now she doesn’t care about my thoughts or feelings on it at all. Even though I’m saying it clearly, she’s not caring that this year has been really hard, I miss B and the trips we took, my friends won’t travel right now, the idea of spending New Years with two couples does break my heart a little, getting the opportunity to explore another country, become better friends with my coworkers and meet new people in this way is actually a once in a lifetime chance. When will I ever be single, with vacation days and this type of cash to be able to do this again?

It just feels really shitty. I feel like I find myself in this position a lot with certain friends and family. It’s like when I chose to do something for myself, they get mad at me and there’s not mature reasoning that helps. And somehow I’m always the one left feeling like the bad selfish person.

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