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At the end of last summer I completed my first triathlon. I’ve said it so many times before – it was such an amazing, positive, and incredible accomplishment. I felt on top of the world.

Now I have a triathlon in 5 days. I haven’t been training like I did for almost 15 weeks last year. Instead I’ve been eating, and drinking, and enjoying myself…maybe a little too much. Don’t get me wrong, this has been an amazing summer and I’ve loved it. But I wish I had gotten my butt in gear earlier.

So maybe I’ve been swimming less than 10 times in the past few months. And I’ve totalled 6 spin classes. And I can’t seem to run a 5k. I do these tris for fun and for fitness. I might be the last person crossing that finish line, but I will cross it, with a big friggan smile on my face.

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First I decided, and you will too after reading my post, that I am allowed to use the corniest blog post title ever.
Today I decided to just swim. I didn’t care if my breathing was loud (a weird fear of mine) and I didn’t care if I was slower than my partner sharing the lane. I just swam. And you know what I did? 33 laps (not lengths) LAPS straight – no stopping, no pausing, no breaks. I swam straight for 33 laps.
Today I went from this:
To this:
Now for some (or many) this may not be a big feat. But for me? Just a few months ago, during my first “real” swimming experience I realized that it took me a mere 3 laps to feel really tired and winded. And today I did 30 more laps and felt awesome. I still can’t quite figure out how many meters that is (everything on google gives a different answer) but I think that should mean I can do 750 meters on race day and I won’t drown!
There was one quick snag though. What is with me having these awesome workouts and then falling? Today I hopped out of the pool, thrilled, grab my towel and closed my eyes to blot my face and my legs gave out. This time I didn’t fall, I grabbed the stair railing by the pool and steadied myself. But it made me realize how uneasy my legs may be on race day.
Anyway, after an awesome hour-long spin class last night and an awesome swim tonight, I’m feeling goooood.
You know what I’m craving? A good make-out session with a broad tall man…

Mmm, Ashton!

Boo, I guess chocolate will have to do tonight.

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