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Nothing too crazy happened while in Vegas. I mean it’s hard to feel crazy when at 2pm a kid stumbles by in an American flag speedo and high fives you, or a drunk girl moons the entire audience at the UFC match, or your cab drivers says at least 1 person has sex in his cab each weekend and that’s a slow weekend.

To be completely honest, while I’m glad I got to see Vegas I don’t think it totally appeals to me. When slammed over the head with alcohol, gambling and sex – it just turns me off. The whole place felt like an alternate universe where even the nicest, smartest people seemed to be naked, incoherent and crazy (i.e. puking or flashing). I’d much prefer a beach town with a swim up pool bar and relaxed tanned beachy men or an Italian, Greek or South American town with yummy food and men. 😉

But it was a fabulous weekend. Getting to spend so much quality time with my two childhood best friends is always amazing. I wish they didn’t still live in NY. 😦

The weekend just flew by. In reality I was there all of 36 hours and slept very little. I tried my first hand at “real” gambling and lost $15 in all of 6 minutes. Yet one of my friends won $5 after betting $20 and my other friend who didn’t want to gamble at all, put $2 into a slot machine and walked away with $64.50. Lucky!

It was neat to walk up and down the whole strip. I think the Vegas strip is like an X-rated Time Square meets Cancun.

I do think I ate enough for 6 people this past weekend. I told myself I didn’t want to restrict while on vacation but I went a little crazy. I got up over 3 times at our brunch buffet at the Bellagio on Saturday morning! I was on a sugar bender too because I had a krispy kreme donut, a huge piece of chocolate cake, and a family size pack of M&M’s. Plus a gigantic piece of pizza at 2am at the New York, New York hotel. (That’s in addition to the sugar, the turkey sub, potato chips, etc.) I’m so not counting the multiple bags of munchie mix on my flights. (Love love love JetBlue!)

I have to say I’m glad I’m back to reality and routine. It was like sensory overload being out there and 36 hours was the perfect amount of time. Any more than that and I could have turned into one of the crazies who was smoking, drinking beer, and gambling still at 6am. OK not really, but that’s what a lot of people were like. 🙂

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Did I mention I’m heading somewhere fun this weekend? See ya!

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9:30am spin class?



Healthy breakfast?



Flight booked to VEGAS for the first weekend in February with two childhood best friends? CHECK!

Time to go concur a whole list of things I’ve been putting off for the last year. Like I said, this is going to be my year!

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