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After reading and hearing about vision boards I actually have decided to jump on the bandwagon.

The truth is, I love the concept. In the same way I think people should take time to recognize what they are grateful for or the same way positive affirmations work  I think a vision board can be a great tool.

It helps you recognize and put your goals into a visual tool that you’ll see as a daily reminder.  It focuses on the positive. And it’s creative and fun.

Last night I started perusing through the magazines I had in my apartment. It was really fun to spot words like healthy, meal planning, fitness goals, beautiful journey, etc that might end up being including on my vision board. I want to take my time and really collect a ton of graphic words and imagery to be able to play around with what I will want to eventually include on my board.

 It turned out to be a really fun and relaxing activity. I say it’s worth giving a try 🙂

Some neat examples of vision boards (images linked to sources):

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